4 thoughts on “Blank profiles and friend requests”

  1. It should be made crystal clear to everyone, new members, old members too. Put some detail on your profile please, not to identify you if you feel you need privacy about your naturism (?), we need to know you’re a real person, with a personal connection to naturism, to life & to other people around you. Please, add something about yourself, hobbies? age? family? no family? employed? employer? fav holiday place? There’s so much that you could quite easily add, do it now, PLEASE ?

  2. We have to agree, A substantial amount of NEW members are seeking friendship, and when you open their profile to view if you wish to accept friendship, they have a basic profile pic, No facial pics, and often No profile info to make a decision on.
    We have recently just started NOT accepting them unless they make an effort first !!

    • I’m the same. When I get a friend request, I look at their profile. If they look like they’re serious about being on the site (more than one photo, some nude photos, joined more than a month ago) then I’ll usually accept. If they’ve been here for a day, one non-nude photo, etc., then I’ll decline.

      • This is a blogging site, not a social networking site. The point is to make blog postings with your views and photos, these people can’t even be bothered to write a few words on their profile!

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