Textile Phone; Outrage!

We have a really happy life in some ways, we do have health issues but there's no reason to cry about them, we can't alter them, we just live to the best we can and enjoy each new day. We have great neighbours, loving (but small) family, and above all we have great love for each other!
We are blessed that we can live each day entirely naked if we choose to. We tend to stay most days within our own property. Friends locally pop by and chat, some stay for a coffee some just check that we are ok, that's fine! Although we truly appreciate our nude life and those around us that make it a pleasant & 'easier' existence, we are occasionally reminded that the big world out there is tainted with an addiction to "Textile'ism". So when their 'ism' is brought into sharp contrast against our 'nature' we have to call on our inner selves to defend & confirm our lifestyle choice.
When our decorator came to 'freshen-up' our hallway he carried on with his work pretty much as he always has, apart from his almost obligatory 'joke' about nakedness, he just does his work and whistles his way through. (only a plentiful supply of cups of coffee interrupt his brush strokes!). He told us that his wife & her dad would be calling by to bring his phone which was his 'work phone' and invaluable, he had mistakenly picked up the wrong one on his way out. When they arrived, on their way to town, he went to the door to collect his phone & briefly speak to them. Without a seconds thought he asked his wife and her father to step in and meet us, to him it was a reasonable action. BUT, when they stepped into our lounge and saw myself & my wife along with our niece & her partner all naked, she screamed! her dad blasted some really strong language, all hell came loose in our lounge!
In one swift action (instinctive reaction truthfully!) I made ALL of them leave instantly! My wife and I along with my niece's partner, herded the abusive people straight back out of our house. The yelled "PERVERTS!" at us, we just yelled back "Go Out Textile Terrorists" and a sort of peace came back to us around half an hour later!
We laughed though when we realised we had a hallway almost totally painted but for door frames etc,a load of painters equipment and no painter!
What we did also have was that f*cking phone that was the catalyst for the onslaught of abuse!

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  1. Since the painter didn't seem to have issues with and just did his job I think he may not ever thought about telling the family about you. Or at least didn't think you were one of his odd or bad jobs to complain about. So, I wonder now that the painter's family knows where he's been working what kind of fight do you think he had at home? I'm sure his wife's closed mindedness did not make a good family meal.

  2. We're happier when nice folk come, obviously, the funniest times are when our niece Lisa & her 10 year old son come over, sometimes Lisa's partner Chris comes too. They are all 'family' naturists and most times they strip off too. The boy sat naked in our patio recently when a neighbour called to bring a 'mis-delivered letter'. She laughed as the lad went to take it off her, she said "My eyes are getting worse, Patrick you are shrinking with age!"
    The lad came in to us laughing too, he said "That nice lady has been, she's a bit nutty, in a nice way!"
    We do have fun times!

  3. I think just a bit of thoughtless courtesy on the painter's part. He should apologize for causing the problem. Hopefully he'll finish the painting job, but his wife may prohibit him from doing any more work for you. Your response to their reaction, though, was spot-on. People have no right to yell and scream at you in your own home – especially when your behavior is quite innocent!

  4. I hope he found the lack of a phone to be very inconvenient. I would find it very annoying (understatement) that he invited those people into your home without so much as a by your leave, to have them behave the way they then did is unforgivable. I hope you and your family have not suffered any lasting ill-effects from the experience. Has the painter had the nerve to contact you since then?

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