The old cherry tree

A few days ago, I took this photograph of myself. I just liked it. Now that Christmas and the New Year are approaching, I can see more. And I understand the ritual of the upcoming holidays. The cherry tree has lost all its leaves: it is naked like me. But after Christmas and New Year, it will regain its vitality. Next spring, it will be full of flowers again, and then it will make cherries again. That’s for sure! The wheat will also be tall and begin to form grains. And so will all the other plants around it. Only in six months! This evidence reassures me more than all science. I too will clothe myself: with the flowers that men usually sprout, I will load myself with the fruits that we men can ripen, even without effort.


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  1. Thank you very much, Marc, for your nice comment.
    The words you use make me realise that we are on the same wavelength. That is that you don’t go into nature for your own well-being but to listen. Just as you appreciate my photos and my words. We always carry our shooting pocket with us, just in case we catch prey; when we go out, we often only think of our own advantage (as in a thousand other daily actions). The message from nature speaks a different language: we understand it with our bodies rather than our minds. And the body not only has skin, eyes, ears: it feels the closeness of something good, like diving into the cake batter. I feel the senses opening up: and there are more than five of them: the mind cannot understand everything; it doesn’t matter. The body absorbs. The body without clothes helps us to leave behind our cultural patterns: and instead of the desire to have, to conquer, meekness emerges from the body, as if I were an animal (and I am).

  2. It’s interesting how nudity fits well in nature. Your pictures always depict this natural truth. Humans are meant to be naked, this is so obvious when we see Vittorio’s pictures, and so obvious when you embrace nudism and wander in natural setting. Keep posting those beautiful pictures and thoughts of yours, Vittorio. Happy festive season!

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