The Cold is coming on….

We're bordering on winter here in Central New York. I live southwest of Syracuse in the hills surrounding the Finger Lakes. Frost has already hit, and nights have been in the high 30's and 40's for a couple of weeks now. The winds have grown cold but are still invigorating. The drawback is that currently I am unable to get out and revel in the changing seasons sans clothing. Work commitments and having 2 jobs instead of one has restricted my quality clothes-free time to stripping to my skin as soon as I walk in the door after work in the evening and staying naked until required to don the ugly uniform the next day. My supposed room mate (a textile college student) is rarely home anymore (though he keeps paying his rent) so at least I am no longer restricted to my office or my bedroom when naked.I will admit to wishing I could have found a room mate who was, at the very least, an at-home nudist like myself. However, considering the job market around here more folks are moving away than are moving into the area.
I have my hopes that things will improve soon, after all, I just turned 61 and keep thinking that, at this point in my life, I should be able to live the way I want to, instead of having to conform to the prudish societal norm…and in a best case scenario would be sharing my home with like-minded folks.
So, I am pushing my request out to the Universe and hoping for a change of fortune which will bring me nudist companions and the space to enjoy the lifestyle without hindrance of nosey neighbors 🙂

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