Why too many men into nudism? Cap d'agde

The questions keep coming up when I was in cap d'agde? Many single men but very few single women. I saw 1 girl who came daily with black jacket and helmet. .I am afraid to go and say hi..another woman seem nice around 50..needed help for lotioning. .I didn't dare to give a hand. Perhaps in the left side of the beach single men are trying hard to fuck some of the women after the couple finished intercourse. I am from Asia and I was shocked to see 1 guy asking from boyfriend or the husband permission to have sex with the girlfriend or the woman. He agreed. Is this norm in naturist spirit. Or the single men are looking for free sex.. not free love in deed. Sex in the open where most of the men with stand up and surround the couple and at the same time masturbate with their hands. Naturist or nudist or sexual maniac?

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  1. I think it's because nudism is not taught in schools and colleges, and then young men grow up believing that our lifestyle is to do with sex or sexual debauchery.

    This is very off-putting to women who don't like the idea of being vulnerable to harassment and creepy guys hitting onto them. They have it bad enough in the textile world, and it's just as bad in the nudist world. One of my exes got sleazed on by a few nudist guys when I was going out with her, and she decided not to continue with nudism after we broke up.

    So guys, be mindful of how you treat women if you visit a nudist club, camp or a beach. If you relax and act more at ease and nonchalant in the presence of nude women, I'm sure that more of them would be willing to take part in our lifestyle in the future.

  2. it could be the barbie syndrome. so many women havehad it ingrained in them that if they dont look like barbie they have no worth.

    in my experience most of those that do look like barbie also have a personality and attitude like a wounded rhino

  3. The nude beach of Cap d'Agde is devided into three zones – the family zone in front of the buildings and campground, the swinger zone in front of the dunes and the gay zone next to it. So everybody can join the area he or she likes. My neighbours go there every year with their 8 and 10 y/o sons and never had a problem as long as the are staying in the family zone.

  4. Cap d'Adge has got a reputation among those who feel that nudism has nothing to do with sex. Actually life has to do with sex. Truth is that in Cap d'Adge you could go with your family and children with no problems at all. You could also be an irreprensible member of the so called "good society" and become a sex machine in a specific area of the beach.
    The open minded people in Cap d'Adge find their ideal environment. You will not have to mix in situations you dont like, still you could find whatever kind of situation you may like. Even so, you will find tons of people judging other people for being people. But thats why the world can be awful.

  5. Vera Playa is a residential zone that is openly nudist/naturist. There are apartments that can be rented in the zone. If you are looking for an open area where you are free to experience public nudity without encountering any cost to enter, I would suggest that you look into many nude beaches around the world. Most such beaches conform to social rules of non-sexual nudity. Portions of the beach at Cap d'Agde are an exception to that rule, other parts of the beach adhere to non-sexual rules.

  6. Cap d'Age has a reputation (let alone the tired, heavy concrete buildings). Not my kind of place and I wouldn't go there. What James says has been said before. Some people like it, others don't for exactly the reasons James highlights. If that saves a naturist family from landing somewhere they would rather not be, then all the good.

  7. Cap d'Agde is a resort that appeals to naturists, exhibitionists and swingers – some visitors to the resort are a combination of all three. There are plenty of other French resorts suitable for pure naturism, such as La Jenny near Bordeaux.

  8. From what I understand Cap d'Agde is not a conventional nudist outlet. Inside the compound traditional rules prevail but on certain parts of the beach as well as in certain clubs in town, it can be somewhat of a sexual free for all.

    As for this site, we are very much focused on family oriented nudity and discussion regarding open sexuality are generally regarded as unwelcome, if not off limits. Your question here is pushing the limits of our tolerance.

    Please review the rules here: http://www.naktiv.net/rules/

    • I don't think he is pushing the limits as I feel this is a valid question/observation especially for a person like me who has never had the privledge of engaging in social enviroment. And if as written is my first expereince I would definately raise questions. It is up to the true community to raise up and state that any sexual action whether in group or by yourself is not tolerated. Sex and masturabtion is a act that you will do in private. Rather educate than judge. That is my opinion in any case.

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