Naturist Republic a homeland for all naturists

I am into naturism politics. We should have the option to live as naturists 365days 24 hours unless unavoidable reason to wear clothing like in winters or during rainy day. Thus for many years I have a dream that we naturists do not have to hide. We can go to school or to Hospital naked without any barrier anymore. If it is can't be done now. The I would suggest we have a virtual naturist country..naturist party and we can elect president, prime minister, Secretary of the republic ..perhaps Naturist federation could be govern like a country..I believe we have many naturists here who are professional..I could be doctor as I have MBBS..general hospital of Naturist Republic?what say you? Like Jews who needs a homeland Israel ..we naturist needs a homeland too

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  1. nudist community has along time existed and preserved in amazon jungle. you could see the video of their life on you tube..a real naturist day in and day out every done in nude. The body painting that is getting more popular recently is also along time existed in their community. These could not be a state except if they gain political consciousness but it is quite difficult as too many tribes with different languages and cultures. However the naturist movement in the West started from health consciousness of healthy living in nude. It is not culturally embedded into the cultural DNA of Western naturists. It becoming more popular after organizations were established to gather like mind and due to Internet it is easily spread. But Internet bring too many information regarding nudity which the pornography and exhibitionism so prominent that recruiting a REAL naturist not easy. Separation of sexual desire and naturism is not easily explained. For example in Cap D'adge the nude beach where sexual intercourse are done public at the beach where family with kids where around. I recommend that sexual activities should be banned the at the beach to uphold real value and sanctity of naturism to young and new naturists.

    • Manifesto for United Naturist Republic (UNR)
      1. Female as the president
      2. The vice president first male and second female (2 vice president) 50% of the member of parliament should be female.
      3. Important decision in the country policies would need 80 % from referendum from the people and 20% of members of parliament
      4. Nudity is compulsory in government offices except when the condition not suitable. Ornaments would be accepted.
      5. Passport would be according to ICAO compliant passports but the national identity card would have the whole body pictures as the whole body is our identity.
      6. Expulsion of citizen that has sexual misconduct.
      7. Immigrants/ new citizens should have strict criteria before acceptance to be fully citizens and the naturism philosophy examination and interview will be conducted.
      8. Eco-friendly technology will be implemented into country policies for example electric car, solar farm, energy safe and green technology is the prime/ core of energy policies.
      9. Free education to all citizens

  2. I love the idea, I've no clue, though, on how to get there. But if we could devise a way to citizenship in such a global country founded on equality diversity and nakedness I'd be glad to be one of such citizens.
    It could stimulate political advancements in the real world while also set new means to reach new naked friends and naked ideals.
    I wish we could do that.

  3. I don't know where you would put such a country. The political consequences are massive. It would probably be easier to hold public demonstrations and political agitation to get nudity legalized in existing countries. Unfortunately too few nudists are willing to go public and make political demands for general legalization.

    • would you leave england and live in United Naturist Republic? Even we could have a small land and govern it like a country first..or virtual country and each members in other country is a representative of virtual naturist we have person who would be nude with us as we will travel

    • At least we could start off with virtual United Naturist Republic where all members would be a citizen of virtual country before we could gathering money to buy land to be called a motherland. All naturist should wish to be nude in daily activities of life..or do I need to apply job in naturist resort to fulfill my dream of nude all the time?

  4. If we have such idea..each country in this planet has federation naturist republic when we are travelling abroad especially in country which has strict against clothing optional culture..we could contact the embassy and we can meet and see a naturist can we could become friends as we are citizen of the Republic. .like couch surfing hand to anot her traveller but in this scenario open hand of a naturist to another naturist..when I am travelling would really like to meet another naturist because we are at the same wave length and same attitude for total natural expectation of real humanity which is nudity…

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