Is There A Problem.. At All?

It may be a topic often written about in blogs but I make no excuse for adding this one of mine. Being naked when clothed people are around may well cause problems. The type and degree of problems of course depends on several integral factors. One factor is exactly who is naked. Another is probably who exactly is clothed. The next factor could be the location & maybe the weather if the situation occurs outdoors. The final and possibly the most important factor "Is there a problem at all?"

In our own home my wife and I have no problem with nakedness, neither ours nor anyone else's. When someone is coming into our home who is not aware of our situation we do try to advise them before they arrive. We don't advise them to tell us if they are averse to social nudity, we do advise them that they have an option. They can go ahead with their scheduled visit & take whatever is the situation when they arrive, the option is to not arrive at all. Of course then might come another discussion about anything in the way of an alternative can be arranged for the visit.
When we go to another home or business place we make every effort to respect and pay due reverence to the prevailing situation there. We do not usually receive any advance indication of any unusual situation, mainly because 80% of meetings in other places are not in any unusual situation.
When we (or just I) are naked and a person is clothed in our own home it isn't a problem at all. (for us!). When there are several naked people in our home (mainly family members) there isn't usually a problem when a clothed person arrives because we will have pre-advised them of the situation. We do however notice two different sets of 'feelings' that occur with the clothed persons in these scenario's. If we have just ourselves (or myself) naked and there are one or more clothed persons in the situation there is no awkward feelings for anyone. When there are several naked people & one clothed person in the situation, it is the one clothed person who begins (usually) to feel awkward and embarrassed, even with the standard preliminary advice being given.
So, just in this 'home' scenario we have deduced that one clothed person with a few naked people feels wrongly placed. However one naked person with a few clothed people does not feel wrongly placed?
We have yet to have sufficient comparable data to decide what would be the outcome in other locations given the same scenario's? Maybe you have words of your own on this one?

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  1. The situation in my house is a bit different. first anyone that visits knows that my home is
    1. clothing optional.
    we dress when we have guests as a courtesy to them. they also know to call first.

    2. this is a D/s house. any sub in the house is required to be naked. they are allowed to dress whne guests are in the house mostly because the most frequent visitor usually has her 11 yr old grandson with her.

    As we all know the most common charge if you will is that
    nudism is all about sex. Im here to tell you i can disprove that .

    As I get older i am having issues with ED. one of the suggestions my va nurse had was to watch porn. i tried but to me its just two people having a variety of sex. the nude bodies are no stimulation.

  2. somestimes, during the rides, my group is naked around clothes walkers. This isn't a problem. Nudity is a normality if our mind is ok with this. wnbr events are a good exemple (public nudity in a town) – this is almost accepted now.

    • No I meant it as I said it. Other than when wearing a suit as an adult, I never felt comfortable with my appearance. As a result of being comfortable with myself nude in public, especially the Bay to Breakers and the urban nudism in San Francisco I have learned to be comfortable in whatever I am wearing.

      • That's a good thing Greg, feeling comfortable & contented is most important at any time. I feel happier personally naked, even happier when clothed people accept me into their conversations etc when I am naked.
        I also like being clothed in nice casual wear, I chat happily & freely anytime. The subject of our naked lifestyle often comes into conversation because it is a very rare choice of lifestyle. No matter what we think as naturists, there are still millions of millions of clothed people out there. Its good to socialise & to feel comfortable doing that, clothed or naked!

  3. I have also discovered being the only nude in a clothed group. Once I was the only nude in a C/O meeting when accepted as a member at Sequoians, Castro Valley California.It was chilly.
    I have since discovered that I am more confident when clothed than I used to be. Nudity is good for the mind and soul also.

  4. Patrick: I imagine that same holds true most anywhere. A nudist is confident and comfortable being seen nude by others, whether one or several. A textile is not confident with his/her own body, and hence will be uncomfortable surrounded by those who are more confident. The key is to encourage that one textile to 'loosen up', even if it is only to go barefoot. Just removing socks relaxes the feet, and will instantly help the textile make the connection between naked skin and feeling better. It will then be much easier then to persuade them to dispense with a shirt, outer clothes or even try nudity,I would think.

  5. I used to frequent a C/O resort in Colorado. I was often the only person nude in the community kitchen, or around the grounds. Many people only went naked in the hot spring and were clothed the entire rest of their stay. Even with the support of management it sometimes felt uncomfortable being the only naked person. It didn't keep me from being naked.

    At home my wife does not participate in nudity and objects to me being naked when friends come over. She's all about "What will THEY think?" So, I don't have much experience being the only one naked at home with friends visiting.

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