Too soon the laughter ends… !

I stood by our door (naked) talking to an elderly female neighbour mostly about the favourite British topic "Weather", not really noticing the passage of time or indeed the very gradual but meaningful change to.. the weather! My wife brought our neighbour a stool to sit on, I was left standing! The man who lives a few doors away yelled a loud 'Hello' as he hurried past pointing at the upcoming dark clouds. The happy banter between myself and the comfy-postured rotund woman seemed unabated, the swift chilled breeze had little effect on our episode, apart from the silly comment "You've got 'goose-bumps' on your thighs" which raised merry chuckles.
Our niece arrived with her son and both brushed past in such a hurry I almost caught a bigger draft from them! Within 5 minutes young Lisa came to me and said, "Come on in you old fool, the rains are about to start & you'll get a bad chill!" before I could respond our chubby neighbour moved in past me and said "Oh thanks, he's never asked me I in and I've been here an hour!". My niece laughed hysterically, then she pulled on my arm and said again "Come on in!"
The resulting laughter in our lounge was truly a tonic, my wife said she would have no comfort for me if I caught a cold, my niece brought a hot drink and bubbly Betty reached for it just as I made a grab for it! I realised that I had been conned by the cunning old dear, so in some attempt to regain some 'moral ground' I told her, "If you're staying Betty get naked!". My niece had already began to take off her jeans & jumper, Betty glanced up, laughed and headed to the door saying, "I only put my baggy grey bloomers on and they've got holes in!" we laughed with great gusto as the lovely senior citizen friend departed towards her own home, her parting words as she saw Lisa remove her bra, "Oh my word, my boobs almost bounce off my knees, your pert cupcake beauties shame me, I'll get nude another time when you're not here! bye for now!"
The fun of good friends at anytime is a true tonic, make the most of the laughter my friends, too soon it ends!

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    • Thanks Paul & all others, Yes it is great to have respect as a naturist but more importantly to me in these difficult times, is the trust & regard for me as a 'naked man' and not as some kind of pervert.
      We must try and reinforce that truth, naturists are decent & respectable people.
      Thank you everyone of my friends, family & neighbours.

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