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I received quite some friend requests on this site. That is nice. But what is the meaning of "Friend"? To me it is a person that I want to stay in touch with. Most likely because we know each other in real life or because we had a serious conversation online.
So I put this sentence in my profile " It is nice to receive a friend request, but please only AFTER we had some kind of conversation. It is not my purpose to collect as many "friends" as possible. " And still I keep on receiving friend requests from people that did not exchange a single message.

Maybe my interpretation of "friend" is too oldfashioned?

What is for you the meaning of a friend on this site? When do you decide to send or accept a friend request?

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  1. Erik, My "friend" policy here is exactly the same as yours! I ignore "friend" requests unless we have had prior meaningful conversation to the point that I have built up a certain level of trust with that individual. The amount of conversation varies with each individual. I must feel comfortable that they are who they say they are and that they are trustworthy here. Verification is one part of building that trust but only the first step. Meaningful conversation must take place first! No exceptions!!

  2. Perhaps the utility of the word is its' vagueness. We can narrow the meaning with adjectives (close, casual, best, etc) but to refer to a group of people with whom we have a variety of affinity levels, "friends" works well. It is certainly more appealing than "Fellow Netizens" or "Internet Acquaintances". 😉

  3. it's like that for all secure sites. you need the agreement of the friend to see his photos. and yes it's true, we quickly become friends with anyone. it's sad but it is often the case in several sites.
    I think it would be better to give a password for photos and also apply to become a friend, just when you want to share with the person ….
    (sorry for my poor English)

  4. Online "friend" is firstly an acknowledgment of your existence on the site but also a "welcome, glad you are here" especially for new members.
    It can also indicate that we have similar interests or values.
    Technically, it allows those "befriended" people to see something that may be hidden from the other members.

    • Thanks Greg. I think this is an interesting interpretation of the "friend". Specially when it comes to unlocking a profile, you hit the point. I noticed some locked profiles here where you only see one tiny picture and then what…
      Still wondering if the English language has a better word than "friend" for this kind of "friendships". Any suggestions?

      • Real life has a variety of terms but also a variety situations including online friends who may just be acquaintances. Some on-line friends become real life acquaintances and progress to friendship.
        I have many "friends" here who may more correctly be termed <on-line posting buddies> :(.
        I prefer friend.

        • Hi I do understand your point Greg and it's quite true that being an online buddie allow to share more, though for me it also include that you have some common interest with this person and that you'll be glad to meet in real life if possible.. don't you think?

          • Sorry I didn't really answer your question.
            I would be willing to meet any of my on-line friends in real lfe but that does not guarantee that we would become real life friends. That is true of every one we meet.

            I f someone asks to be my friend I almost always say "yes". I will say no if I check their profile and they only have a headless genital photo or have displayed bad manners.

  5. Shared interests lend enthusiasm, encouragement to try new things, improve our morale, give us confidence. If I never meet my online friends in person, I still appreciate their friendship, as I share interests that I may not have in common with persons nearby. My online nudist friends are as inspiring as a great quote from a famous person, or a poem, painting or performance by a talented artist! 🙂

  6. I ask for friendship, or accept friend request, when I see in the profile we have interests in common. It does not mean that we start an extensive pm communication, but I follow the posts of these people with more interest. And sometimes I pm them if I see an online topic is interesting, and want to have a more personal communication about it. So for me online friends are friends.

  7. Vriendschap is iets wat moet groeien, het verzoek om vriendtoevoeging kan idd een begin zijn van een kennismaking en uitwisseling van ervaringen en belevingen mbt nudisme.bezoekers van de site hebben iets gemeenschappelijks, de vrijebeleving van het naakt zijn, het genieten van de schoonheid van het naakte lijf.In het contact wat je daarober kunt hebben kan iets ontstaan van echte belangstelling voor elkaar.vriendschap is idd iets meer dan een klik op een toets. Vrienden waar ik geen bericht van ontvang verwijder ikmook weer uit mn vriendelijst.Je bent welkom om toe te voegen

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