Are things changing?

Over the past months my dear wife has made it abundantly clear that there is no way that she is willing to attend any social event where she would have to stand around and chat to naked people let alone be naked herself.

Then last week I noticed an event where they are advertising a combined 52 walks to choose from over a period of 5 days as part of South Africa’s first Walking Festival. I noticed that one of the walks taking place is a Naked Walk to a secret pool.

I then joked with my wife that we could do that, expecting a negative response. However she surprised me by saying that we need to get more information. She may consider doing the walk if not organised by a naturist group and if she would do it clothed. So I’ve sent the organizers an email and now I’m waiting to hear from them. Maybe just maybe this could be the start of something new . . . and together we may attend some more events, even if she still prefers to remain clothed.

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  1. That is great news. Pay close attention to her reactions to people. Overly friendly attention to her drove my lady away. It was non-sexual but she ended up surrounded by naked men talking about their scars and surgeries.

  2. This is great news for you and as someone who has been in your shoes my advice to you is to proceed slowly. Let your wife dictate the situation. Do not pressure her in any way. Your wife is now at the point where she hasn't decided to try nudism but wants to experience it on her own terms. She is essentially checking to see if she would ever be comfortable. If the environment is right (e.g. no pressure, lots of nice and kind people, friendly, no questionable behavior) she may decide to join in or she may decide that next time she will join in. When my ex and I started dating, I told him about my nudism and he was very resistant. Slowly he started to try it by first going to sleep nude, spending some time in the apartment nude, and later agreed to go to a nude beach. Within a year of us dating, he was comfortable hanging around nude. We are good friends today and he now describes himself as a nudist.

    • I am taking it easy, I've told her many times that there is no pressure for her to go nude, she can stay fully clothed. I would just be happy to go on this Hike with her and the kids and see what happens next…

    • Yes from "No you may never be engage in social nudity until the day I die" to "I wonder if this is run by a local guide or a naturist group". So lets hope the answers to our questions will be answered and she will agree to do this walk.

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