The Naked Mommy

The Naked Mommy

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who gave such positive and encouraging feedback on my first blog post, “My Nudist Story”. It felt wonderful to write it and then to see all the wonderful responses to it. It just validates everything I have felt up to this point regarding how nudism has affected me.

The first part of this post might be a bit repetitive. I apologize for that, but I feel I must reiterate why we have decided to raise our children nude. It all goes back to self-esteem and having confidence in who you are, and not putting so much emphasis on what the world thinks about how you look. I never want my children to feel the way I did growing up. Ashamed of my body and thinking that no one would ever want to see me with no clothes on. They will always have a positive mental attitude towards their bodies and will not have to succumb to the overly sexualized images of the human body that they are bombarded with on a daily basis.

Living in the United States, we aren’t exposed to the normal toplessness or nudity that you see in European media. Everything over here is censored and hidden, so kids grow up thinking that it’s evil or nasty to see things that are just normal and natural, like nipples. It never fails, all my children’s friends all act the same way when they see something they think they aren’t supposed to. If, for instance, they see an exposed breast or just the shape of a man’s genitals through some tight pants, they act like it’s something they’ve never seen before and overact to the image. I can’t tell you how proud I am of my kids that they don’t get all giggly and embarrassed just because they saw a nipple or a penis.

All that being said, being a naked mommy is a wonderful experience. I’ll admit, it was much easier when they were little. Since two of them have hit double digits in age, the stares, questions, and conversations have become quite a bit more interesting. To recap, I have three children, a 12 year old son, and two daughters, 10 and 6. As babies, they were a joy to take care of. I think as far as infants go, I was born to raise kids. The crying and messes created by children that young just don’t stress me out. I think it goes back to the mentality of being a nudist. Once you come to terms with the fact that everything the human body does is just natural, you can’t lose your temper and yell at a little one for making a mess. That’s what they make diapers for anyway, right??

As they got older, we started to have conversations with them regarding their bodies, so they would feel comfortable coming to us with questions or concerns they had about themselves. Again, going back to my conservative, Catholic upbringing, it was extremely difficult to sit with my girls and talk to them about their vaginas. My husband was much more comfortable talking with my son than I was talking to my daughters. He’s been a nudist since his early teens and has more experience with being around and talking to folks about the nude body.

I want to briefly talk about a subject that has come up(no pun intended) from time to time here and that is erections. Both my husband and my son have had numerous conversations regarding this subject, and this is our thinking on the matter. Erections are a natural bodily function. Men have no control of when and where an erection happens. Which is why I don’t understand the etiquette in nudist resorts, which is to shame and hide the fact that men have normal reactions around other nude people. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe it’s OK to parade around and show off the fact you got a stiffy, but as a normal function I feel its nothing to be ashamed of. We are teaching the children that erections happen, both for daddy and for our son, and that they are nothing to be giggled at, pointed to, or made fun of. And as Forrest Gump would say, that’s all I have to say about that.

Being a naked mommy is a rich and rewarding experience that changes from day to day. I’ve overcome some tough times and obstacles along the way and I know that it’s only going to get more complicated and difficult, but that’s life. I love my kids and I hope that I’ve instilled in them the values and confidence they need to be successful in life. And that’s all a parent can ask for.

That’s all for now. Stay happy and naked!!


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  1. Yes! It is important not to teach kids to feel ashamed about their bodies, and raising them as naturists is a great way to teach them that. I also agree with the erections. Chill people. It's not like its gonna bite! 🙂

  2. What you do is the best way a family should live like and raise thier kids. Im divorced but when my daughter is here we are always naked inside the house and in the garden. We have no shame, talked about erections and so and she saw mine and I have them quite a lot.
    When i went camping this summer I met a family with two girls and they were raised nude also. We spent somedays together and I must say it was great to meet a likeminded family with no shame and/or hiding. The other dad had lots of erections too, so was I but his wife or daughters didnt mind at all.
    I agree with you not to parade with erections but if they happen … so what … I cant help it it happens and I'm sure other men/boys have the same idea about it.

  3. These are thoughtful and mature responses by both men and women. It would be good to see if enough of Naktiv members agree. Could it be possible that a few photos of erections, tastefully done, are allowed here? A way to segregate the photos from general content is to create a Group. Or for interested members to message each other. Any thoughts?

  4. Great that you and your husband give so much effort in educating your kids the real values of life. They will thank you for it later. Don't be afraid when there will be a temporary set back when they reach the age of adolescence. It's just the influence of their friends and classmates who did not grew up that way (Unfortunately).

  5. We had the chat with our kids five kids, 2 girls, 3 boys. I had to have the talk with the boys and the wife with the girls. The talk happened only if they asked. So, to my happiness, the boys were late bloomers. always had erections. never covered. (unless we were over at a friends house. Their house, their rules. Our house, our rules) getting up in the AM and having "morning wood" happened all the time. I never covered and was never asked because we let it happen. on the odd chance one was masturbating and someone walked in (this is pretty much where the "talk" came in.) the person taking care of business stopped or went to his or her room and finished.

    No need critizing people with erections, except when it is flagrant perving, when unwarranted.

    Nice article.

  6. Beautifully put. Grisel, married and with boys sees the issue of genital arousal in a mature way. As do you. It happens all the time to boys and usually with no sexual context. (And sometimes with that.) At the nearby resort, it is rare to see an erection. But there are often semi hard penises. A compromise, I guess. lol. Frankly, it is a nice experience, and some control is possible.
    Let's have some more views on this important subject to us naturists. This is a rare intellectual exchange. We need it, folks.

  7. Thanks Grisel, I've always been amused by how easy it is to spot newbie nudists by their bright red faces when something (ah hhem) comes up (whether that be nipples, penis or (in my case at least) my clit which gets rather engorged and visibly so when I'm aroused… again, totally natural and normal but not easy to hide in public with the nethers completely exposed).

    … which brings me to the other end of things, I've learned to accept that (gasp) arousal is a natural part of life and (gasp gasp) have even learned to just accept and enjoy it (without shame). As beauty trends and personal preferences find us textile-free types with scarecely any hair except on the top of our head (maybe), the right setting with the right gust of warm wind hitting the right bits will make anyones bits and bobs come to attention. I for one am not even particuallarly offended if someone decideds to relieve said tension (male or female), so long as those around them (if there are any) are not offended or being taken advantage of. A little boys erection is as harmless as it can be cute and I think theres just naturally going to be curiousity, just as little girls have a natural tendancy to "tinker" with their bits (again, completely natural).

    Sex, exploration of our bodies, freedom with our bodies and the experience of the world on our skin is one of the greatest things we can experience, why restrict ourselves to what a few prudes can't fathom as natural or view as shameful?

  8. Not having any children, I always wondered I would have the courage you and your husband have to raise them as naturists. I may have worried how the other children in the community would treat them if they knew my children were naturists. How do you handle the situations that arise when their friends question them about their lifestyle?

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