The Way It Is

I think it's fairly obvious to most folk that my life is naked as much as possible, so much so that those who meet me (usually in my own home) soon accept that without question. Within a few minutes most people completely disregard any nudity in my home and accept the 'normality' of it. Not because they have no option, they can always leave. They accept it because firstly it's the way we live, secondly because it's just so naturally reasonable & respectful as any other way of living. Neighbours, friends, medical & welfare visitors, family of course all adjust their preconceived thoughts & 'mindsets' to be intune with the way we are with life.
You may ask why then don't we see a look of panic or terror on faces of those that first meet us not expecting nudity? The answer is that we do see that look, but it always seems to be dispelled within a very few minutes of that person entering our home. (Or they leave instantly!) They accept our nudity because they see nothing immoral, sexual or in any way deviant. They do see people just getting along with the day & it's routines. They see people interacting & making the best of each hour as they can. They see people who truly understand & appreciate each other, in mood & behaviour, in compassion & in respect. They see happy contented (as much as possible) people who just prefer to be without clothes. Those who wish to wear clothes for whatever reason within our home, do so without question, the strangest thing is that those who are clothed often receive the first 'odd' looks from day to day visitors!
So we would all truly recommend being truthful to yourself, being respectful to those nearest & dearest to yourself, just as much as we would recommend you trying to live & be naked as many hours & days as you possibly can. I live naked because that's what I was born to do, it is me. I live naked with a happy family unit because they too understand & accept the way of life. I live naked because I can & I will.

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