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With pasting my first blog "To be or not to be . . ." a few days ago. I came across this comment on another blog

"If you don't understand your underlying motives and principals toward it, you're not going to be able to explain why you think and feel the way you do to others. I don't personally think, "it feels good" cuts it. Sex feels good, but that's not a sound reason for participating in sex publicly."

So this has left with thinking of my reasons to be nude. I know that there is a number of comments and study's that praise the virtues of being in the nude such as how good it is for stress, a good way to get Vitamin D ect, but with the comment above does this really cut it? Is it a good excuse to be nude?

I believe my first reason is that I'm hot! (I'm not talking about my body – even though it would be that I have a good self image, but rather body temperature.) During the year we average with a min of 8 – 20 degrees Celsius in winter and 18 – 25 degrees Celsius during summer. In summer I almost die because I find it too hot whilst in winter I'm often asked where my jacket as I'm wearing shorts and t-shirts.

Another reason is that I wonder if I don't suffer from a sensory disorder as there are certain type of clothes that I just don't enjoy wearing. I only buy one particular make of jeans, I prefer the dri fit material for my t-shirts and golf shirts and I find that I chafe less with a nylon dri fit type of underwear. I prefer a silk sheet during winter and normally don't use anything during summer. My son has just been diagnosed as having sensory processing disorder. Maybe I have it too.

My final reason is that I just feel comfortable being in the nude in my home, if my backyard was more private I guess I would also enjoy getting a all round time.

As for my principles I fully agree that there is nothing inherently wrong with a natural body and that nudity does not equate to sex. Being nude actually boost body acceptance.

So as I continue to process my thoughts and figure out my motives and principles I would like to hear from you . . .

What are your motives and principles to being nude?

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  1. How about quite simply because I absolutely detest the way wearing clothes makes me feel? Being forced to wear clothing makes me feel as if I am being assaulted, mentally, emotionally and physically. If I were not required to wear them, I would never wear them again.

  2. Exactly! Many's the time I've wondered just why I like being nude. I agree clothing is uncomfortable. But is this enough to explain my liking of nudity – no. all the other points in Brent's blog also strike a note but mainly it is why not! It just irritates that others should tell me what to do when I am doing them no harm.

    Paradoxically this is why I would never join or visit a club that required nudity – such rules are simply unacceptable to me. In reality anywhere where it is allowed I will shed all my clothing, temparature permitting. One other nude person on a beach and I am nude too.

    So the right to be nude is a big part of being free – fundamental for me.

    • I agree with your thoughts, Richard, especially the aspect that you have to be nude at some resorts. When my wife first looked into naturist living and joining a group, we were told that after the 3rd visit you must either be nude or you must leave the group. My wife did not like this and hence we did not join and there are very little chance she will try in the future. In the end true freedom js being yourself without seeking anyone's permission.

  3. My motives are simple, it feels good and natural especially when being out in nature. I enjoy almost all nude outdoor activities as long as the weather allows. I also think that our time is limited here on earth and we should enjoy life as long as we can. Our skin is our larges organ, and it feels so good standing in the pouring rain after a hot summer day, do a bit of hiking, sunbathing and skinnydipping, it will make you feel so alive. And if it’s winter and there is snow, just go outside roll naked in the snow and make a snow angle. Personally I think one should try everything and keep the things that we like doing.

    • Thanks Paul for sharing, I've managed to spend a morning hiking in the nude once, and I really enjoyed it. I would love to do it again, but it rather hard to do as there are not many remote areas that people are not aware of. To top it all even my backyard is not private so I can't be nude in my own backyard either. Continue to enjoy nature as it should be enjoyed, in the nude.

  4. This is a great post Brent. I'm somewhat humbled that my comment got you thinking so deeply. At the same time I can see it's made you cut through all the usual BS people try to justify nakedness with and really get to the heart of the very real reasons.

    I like the absolute basic "I wear clothes in winter to stay warm, nothing in summer to stay cool."

    I had a real problem early on with my wife and kids. "Why was I naked?" Ultimately it boiled down to two things. The first was the comfort factor. The second was the fact there's no rational argument why the body shouldn't be naked.

    As to sensitivity to clothes I personally wouldn't get too hell bent on trying to define that as a disorder. If you find clothes uncomfortable, there's no need to justify that any further. I'm by no means criticising you on this point. The only point I would make is that there's some people who don't like Brussel sprouts. There's not a Brussel sprout disorder. In the past I would have said people who *like* Brussel sprouts have a disorder LOL 🙂

    For quite a long time I've stuck to predominately loose fitting clothes and like you, only ever wear breathable clothes and footwear.

    My reason three for being naked is purely for the fun of it. Our son in particular likes to run around naked which is a good reminder that in and of itself is reason enough. Probably the best and most honest of all really 🙂

    • Shane it was a pleasure reading your response and then think more deeply about this. Sensory disorder is a valid diagnoses, but I'm not hell bent on using this as a excuse. I use it more as tongue and cheek with my wife.

      As for brussel sprouts all I can comment is AMEN. Our pastor believes that it comes from the devil as "no sane person can enjoy it".

      Once again thanks for sharing and like you I wear clothes at home to stay warm, which is not often, as I hardly feel cold.

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