TNT 2020 (Thüringische Naturisten Tagen)

From 14 to 23 August I took part in the TNT (Thüringische Naturisten Tagen) in Thuringia (which once belonged to the GDR), 900 km from home. Every day an excursion of 15/19 km that ended with a convivial dinner in a restaurant. The day ended at the bungalow-village, with beer, snacks and long, pleasant chats. We were naked for almost the whole time, except during the transfers to reach the beginning of the paths, during the dinner and for the return. The program was distributed towards the end of January (before corona). It was not obligatory to participate in all the excursions: the attendance was higher during the two weekends. The participants were almost all German; I was the only Italian. We also had rainy days. The landscape is beautiful: we went from the dense forest of oaks and firs to water reservoirs, barley and cornfields and meadows with hay. One afternoon we spent it at the spa: there EVERYONE was naked (both us and normal customers): in the saunas, in the whirlpools, in the salt pools. We had many meetings with other people, never a single problem. No problem even with the corona-virus.


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