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Today, we celebrate World Water Day, where we may love our coffees and hot drinks, lets take a moment and remember that not all of us have this luxury to use water as freely as others. Where water might seem abundant where you’re from yet very scarce for others. Water is life, save water and let’s help protect this vital resource. 750 million people around the world lack access to safe water; approximately one in nine people. “Water is the driving force of all Nature” ~Leonardo Da Vinci

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  1. Not to forget that oil companies contaminate water supplies through fracking. In California, farmers are drilling for fossil water-deep, deep ancient aquifers that take millennia to recharge; a disaster in the making.

  2. The Nestle Corp CEO thinks that humans DO NOT have a right to potable water.
    They are robbing indigenous villages worldwide of their water supplies to sell that water as bottled water. They are ripping off drought-stricken California's water to sell as bottled water to the tune of millions of liters/gallons. Boycott Nestle as much as possible!

  3. In most western nations the household laundry of clothes takes about 1/3 of all domestic water use. That doesn't count water usage for agriculture of cotton, wool, flax, etc., nor water used manufacturing polyester. Allowing people to legally choose to avoid clothes and the resultant water use would save huge quantities of potable water. We don't have to waste all that water. We could save 1/3 of our total water bill.

    Its the single biggest user of domestic water and the easiest to reduce. None of our politicians and water resources people will even talk about it.

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