First Experience on the Beach

So I have been mostly an at home nudist, having spent most of this past winter in my robe. My grandparents invited my cousins and I down to Florida and it was then that I knew I had to make the full naked plunge. I researched a couple places that were near me and decided to go to Blind Creek Beach on Hutchinson Island. I figured going to a beach would be easier than a resort so I packed up my towels and headed off. I was a bit nervous on my way there but gathered up my courage as I pulled into the sandy parking lot. There were quite a few vehicles there when I arrived so I was hoping that I had found the right spot. As I crossed the parking lot and walked toward the dune crossing, my anxiety washed away with the crashing surf as I found solace in fellow nudies.

I wandered up the beach a ways till I found a good spot that wasn't right next to anyone. Everyone on the beach was fairly spread out but it was a jovial crowd with people laughing and some music playing. I had brought a chair along not really knowing what I'd want so I set that up and was finally faced with the moment of truth. I took my shirt off and delayed the inevitable by fiddling with some of my stuff. Why was I being silly, I told myself, and finally dropped the swim trunks. It was in that moment that.. nothing happened. I stood there naked with the breeze on my bum and wondered why it took me so long. I got my sunblock on after that I just relaxed in my chair, catching the rays.

The next realization was that I was getting pretty hot in the sun and I'd eventually have to get up and GASP walk naked to the edge of the water. There were beachcombers walking up and down the water line so I felt nervous about just rolling right past someone; I did end up waiting until it was relatively clear before I walked down to cool off. When I had gone in the ocean a few days before at a textile beach, the water felt absolutely ice cold. This time, however, the water felt great and inviting. I wanted to go swimming but the sea was a little rough that day and I was concerned that if I swam into the water I wouldn't make it back in haha.

After my plunge into the water I decided to just lay out on my towel and give my buns some suns. I ended up staying for a longer than I intended to, about an hour and half. I wanted to stay longer but I had a prior engagement that I needed to get back for. I did stay until the very last minute I had to leave though haha. The whole thing felt like a religious experience to me. I felt so open, and free, and just able to be who I really want to be. I don't think I didn't smile the whole time I was there. My only regret is that I put it off till I only had 1 chance to go. Now that I've taken the plunge though I can't wait to get another chance to go naked.

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  1. Wow awesome story Jimmy. I live fairly close to blind creek beach, but never been cause I felt weird about going alone. Now I might just have to go by myself. Unless some wants from the board wants to meet up.

  2. Thanks Jimmy for your story. It reminded me of my first time on a "mixed" beach. "Mixed" because it was not officially clothing optional but nudism was tolerated. On that day, there were probably a thousand people and only ten or so naturist. It took me some time to drop my short and then another set of minutes before I stood up to walk to the water. But on that day, nobody cared, nobody stared and I realized nudism was my way! Stay naked!

  3. Well done Jimmy and welcome to the enlightened world of Naturism/nudism. Your experience is far from unique, the feelings you describe are very common, both your trepidation and your joy. I hope you get many more opportunities in the future. 🙂

    It's always nice to read of another convert…

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