I found a very interesting text on another site and i kinnda agree and i wonder if its really true?

" I am new to —— and I noticed that almost everywhere (before uploading pictures, posting comments, writing in the forum…) one must first confirm that one has absolutely no sexual aims. What's wrong with sexuality? It's just a part of being human.

I noticed that many naturist communities strictly outline sexuality and write that in militant words and super fat letters on top of their webpages. When the question comes to sexual attraction, erections etc. they all promise faithfully that sexuality never ever occurs in their nudist places, that nobody ever would see a nude person as sexually attractive and that everyone who thinks different is a traitor to the idea of naturism.

I joined once a Swiss naturists online community and first thing they said was: change your username, because "zuerigay" includes the word "gay" which points to "homosexuality" and sexuality is strictly outlined and against the rules. I was first stunned and then I hurried to get out of that nude fascist group.

For me, nudity is an expression of freedom. I want to be free of the stupid rules of a society who thinks that not hiding ones genitals is indecent or rude. Many nudists use the word "freedom" to express what they feel when they are nude. But when they enclose themselves in a wall of prejudices against sexuality and point with the finger on voyeurs and exhibitionists, they aren't free at all.

Must true nudists never have sex? Or tell their partners to get clothed to look attractive 'cause being nude does not attract them? Or can one only be a good nudist if one is beyond the age of sexual activity? – I hope not.

I am gay, love to be naked and love to look at beautiful naked men. And I cannot find anything negative in getting aroused and having fun with the toy we are born with. Isn't it great that our emotions can oversteer our logical reasoning just when our eyes see a beautiful body? How can people who enjoy the feeling of being nude deny the feeling of being horny? How can they say, it's ok to show a penis but not when it's getting hard? What the hell is wrong with enjoying a boner? It's just natural.

For my opinion sex isn't evil at all. It's something wonderful and it's even better if one can share it and not enclose it in a dark bedroom. I think, nudists should be free people with free bodies and free minds and not limited by antisexual rules that corsets oneself more than any clothing. "

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  1. I was starting to get dismayed at the path I thought this conversation was taking but I am pleased with the finale. I agree that if one gets a woody in public he should not flaunt it. The other side are the naturists who somehow expect normal people to abdicate their sexual nature. I find that to be ignorant and offensive. We don't share race, creed or color with every other human but we do share our sexual nature.

  2. Human life on this globe has many pleasant aspects and many unpleasant aspects.
    It is everyone's duty as a Human to understand as many true things as possible and to dismiss as many things based on untrue or irrational beliefs as possible.
    It is an irrebuttable fact that sexual organs have evolved for the purpose of sex in order that species can procreate. Why then are we surprised or even alarmed, distressed or harassed when we see either a penis or a vagina that shows signs of readiness for sex?
    Many non-naturists will shout that they are alarmed, harassed or distressed at the sight of another naked human, and many of our Brothers and Sisters in Naturism have suffered legal sanction as a result. Many non-naturists will play the 'not in front of the children card' to show that they have good reason for their disgust.
    Are there lines to be drawn? Of course, but there is a lot of difference between the sight of an erection and people openly engaging in sexual acts; such as masturbation or intercourse. There should be places clearly marked where people who want to do so can and those who do not want to take part, or even see it, can stay away. The same could be said for places where people want to be naked.
    Just as we do not want to be unfairly maligned or judged as Naturists, we should not unfairly malign or judge others.
    "He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."
    ‎John 8:6 – ‎New International Version – ‎John 8 – ‎King James Bible
    As Naturists we need to be tolerant, understanding and open to different points of view, but creating boundaries that are lawful, reasoned, transparent, clear and fair.

  3. Erections are a normal part of being male, and are necessary for the procreation of our race. If you do get an erection, don't flaunt it, don't strut it, and don't be embarrassed by it. There are really three "types" of erections, the first and most obvious is from sexual-arousal. Be thankful that your father got aroused, or you wouldn't be here today. The second is the sleep or relaxation erection. Yes, it happens when you are asleep or deeply-relaxed. You probably won't even be aware that it happened, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about with it. A sleep-erection is proof that your equipment is still in good working-order. The third type is commonly known as a "piss-hard-on", which may occur when "need to go" becomes "NOW". Imagine being in the pool at your favorite resort…the water is warm, the sun is shining, and perhaps you may even have an "adult-beverage" or two in your system. When "need" becomes "NOW", some men get an erection. Mine retreats rather than saluting, so perhaps I am fortunate there, but either way, it is nothing to be embarrassed about. One mother told me that when her son's penis points straight out, she knows that he needs to potty. Even a toddler can get a piss-hard-on.

  4. I consider it bad taste to walk around with an erection like it's being shown off. But should women be required to cover up with a towel when they have erect nipples? If both are involuntary at times why are men considered to be having sexual thoughts while women aren't? Seems a bit of a double standard. Of course there's a big difference between prancing around pointing at every women in the place and just a temporary involuntary erection. I'm as new to nudism as one can be so if I've broken a taboo pointing that out I apologize. I'm also fairly sure this question if far from original with me. Just wanting to learn the prevailing view on this. When that happens to me I just want to be as invisible as possible. Not because it's unnatural or perverted but because it embarassing as to what people will assume about me.

  5. Sometimes erections happen spontaneously and there isn't a lot that can be done about it. This is natural thing, it is how humans have survived, however if one does get an election should they be made to feel ashamed. I thought naturism was about excepting people and their bodies whatever size,shape or colour.

    • Of course not. It is perfectly naturally. What happens next is the critical moment. If you wave it around and show it off, folks will say… 'what a jerk' . If you let it alone, it will subside, If not, go to a private place and take care of it. It's like getting a huge snotter, but more fun.

  6. I have had a partial erection one time at a nudist resort, and I simply folded my towel up over it. I was sitting just a few feet from where several ladies were dancing, with the troop being led by one of the lady's husband. They were really getting down with it, and it was hard to NOT notice. I had no sexual interest in any of the ladies because all of them were married, but seeing everything on display caused Mr. Happy to rise in delight. As soon as the dancing ended, so did my erection, and because of the way I was sitting, it was never prominently on "display". We don't have to check our sexuality at the gate, but we do need to control how it is displayed.

  7. I'm surprised that looking at naked people gives you a boner Mike. Most naturists do not not get boners when they get together. You should get out with naked people more often, the problem (or pleasure) will fade.

    If you want to get a boner then you should go to events where boners are celebrated, like swinging affairs, gay or not, where you are expected to get a boner.

  8. One reason I don't think I could visit a naturist community is because I love being bare and the look of others as well. I wouldn't mean to be rude or offensive, but when I see an attractive body, male or female, sometimes things just happen.

  9. I know for myself and mine, we practice what I like to call family friendly nudism. In my mind, sex is something to be done behind closed doors or some place where there is zero risk of discovery and then only with your significant other, be they male or female. I would not take my children to any place that allowed any open sexual activity.

  10. Very valid points, however we do need to guard against overtly-sexual actions. It is one thing to get aroused in public, but quite a different matter to relieve yourself in public. If you must relieve yourself, go to a restroom and do it there, in private. Getting aroused is proof that you are human, and not a robot.

    Nudists do have a set of rules which they guard jealously and preach religiously. While we may be free from clothes, we have become slaves to the rules, which is NOT true freedom.

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