Caught and Mocked – Close Encounters of the Nude Kind

After sunning and swimming naked on Hayling Beach four times – see my previous blog I just had to go once more before the school holidays began, I thought after that might cause trouble with parents. I went there on a very hot afternoon. Unfortunately it was a very low tide and I was worried about swimming nude as I would have had to cross 30 yards of flat wet sand and then wade out 100 yards before I was waste deep. As there were a goodish number of people around this was very risky.

I settled down on the pebble beach well back from where people walked but in full view. The nearest person was 200 yards away so I wasn't crowding anyone. A woman arrived after me and settled down about 50 yards away and proceeded to sunbathe topless, sne was near enough to have seen I was naked before she sat down so I felt I had some support.

After Half an hour I was so hot I just had to go in the water to cool off. There was a gap in the dog walkers so I decided to brave it. But I didn't dare to be totally open and took a T shirt with me balled up in my hand as a cover. (I was determined not to go home with salty shorts that needed washing). I successfully entered the water with nobody coming near and lay down in 1.5 feet of water, and cooled off. It was Lovely!

There then happened something I was not prepared for. A couple came and set them selves down about 10 paces from my towel and shorts. Other walkers were approaching too. I left the water holding my T shirt as a sort of screen. No problem. But then three youths emerged from the sea, far out and approached from behind me. 100 yards away and they spotted my bare bum and started making crude remarks 'put your pants on' disgusting etc and later in very loud voices.

I still had to sort out the issue of approaching very near the new couple in order to retrieve my shorts. A breach of the etiquette I had set for myself. I held my shirt between myself and them, not behaving as though nudity was natural as I had reserved. I then sat down and at this point the youths, still 50 yards away made more remarks 'sitting on the beach with his cock out' and then as I put my shorts on 'Hes putting his shorts on' (laughing).

Sufficiently discouraged when perhaps I should have been yelling defiance I walked up the shingle to where I had seen someone sitting up looking around but otherwise hidden. Sure enough it was another naked sunbather, a man about my own age. As he was sure to have heard the youths I greeted him from 30 paces. 'Hi it's great to see somone else with the bottle to strip off.' A friendly chat ensued and I finally went and sat down again further along the beach but not 'hidden'.

Now for a question. Should I have been more 'discreet?'

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  1. I think what you did was quite ok. It is normal to take off clothes (some or all) at the beach before a dip in the sea. Many beach users seem to have no objection to reasonably discreet nudity by others. We have to judge the situation – as you did. The youths were out of order. It is interesting that another, apparently discreet, nudist was nearby.

  2. I think you did the right thing. It is natural to be naked. Remember how as boys we were so concerned about our body changes and how we hid. These lads were only expressing their discomfort with themselves.

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