Reading Joanna's excellent rant set me thinking about exhibitionism. She wrote 'I enjoy being seen nude, and have no problem at all being okay with the idea that someone might

Just Dreaming

Since becoming open about being a naturist, my dreams have changed. It used to be that I quite often dreamt that I was naked in public, especially, at work. I

Liberating Hayling beach

I don't usually upload beach 'selfies' but this one has a point. http://www.naktiv.net/photo/13853/2014-06-23-16-37-51/albumid_2057/ This was on a textile beach. Albeit very empty with the only people on it more than

My own fiction attempts

As well as reading and reviewing novels I am trying my hand at writing one. A future world sci-fi fantasy about a society where clothing is the exception rather than


A discussion in http://martinsworlduk.blogspot.co.uk/ and shared on here, resulted in a long and complex thread about increasing public acceptance of nudity. The most obvious example of this being the WNBR.

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