Liberating Hayling beach

I don't usually upload beach 'selfies' but this one has a point. This was on a textile beach. Albeit very empty with the only people on it more than 100 yards away. It's the Hayling Island west beach opposite the golf course. The idea it to open it up by getting people used to there being naked people on it but without offending anyone. So I have sunbathed nude yards from any others. On this day the tide was very low and I funked skinny dipping at first as there would have been a thirty yard paddle before I was in, and then a dry sand bank appeared and I found a dry place to leave my shorts quite near the water and went for a dip.(this paragraph is a repost of my original comment on the photo.)

The following visit the tide was high. Again I sunbatherd 50 Yards or so from the nearest other people. This time I swam without fussing but was inhibited by the danger from paraboarders.

By my next visit I was really getting comfortable and confident. Again there were people 50 yards away. The nearest couple had absolute minimum swimwear. The woman was topless. I stayed for over an hour and went in the water three times. A great day on a lovely.

The last time, yesterday, I set up just the same and swam then read on the beach topping up my tan. The not very near other people could easily have seen I was naked should they look especially as I dropped my shorts whilst still standing. A man with a dog arrived after I did settling down about 15 yards away and swam with his dog, keeping his shorts on. Now was the test. I decided to go for it and swam again. The tide was well in so it got deep quite quickly and I was soon covered but there was a considerable current. The swimming man drifted towards me. I behaved normally as 'there is nothing wrong with skinny dipping.' he swam back again against the current. When I came out I dried myself standing in a natural, non hiding way.

I swam again when a woman with a dog was 20 yards away and approaching, I stayed in the water until she had passed,no problem but she didn't look back as I came out of the water.

All in all a dozen or so people saw me naked on the beach with reaction or comment, albeit not close up. So now I consider west Hayling beach 'liberated' and will continue to use it. I hope to see other skinny dippers there before the end of the summer. Here is the location

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