9 Days

I just got back from a Nine day stay at Laguna Del Sol. It was a great time. I went by myself, which is okay, and from the time I finished moving in my luggage(because they were repaving the resort the first few days I was there so I had to park outside like everyone else) I was nude. Even when I went to get my car and bring it in the park I didn't wear anything, just wrapped a towel around myself and got my car.

I do love Laguna, as it has ample swimming opportunities, hammocks, a lake with boating available, a restaurant and plenty of other activities that caters to many different people. Also they had their car show, Rockets and sprockets, occur this last weekend while I was there. I am not a car person but it was cool the different cars and bikes. They even had a few inflatable bouncy bin things. That was cool to do in the nude, and made me feel like a kid again(though some people would say being 33, I am still a kid).

I still felt weird in the morning to leave my hotel room without getting dressed sometimes. Then when I left(I didn't dress right away, probably drove for about an hour before I dressed) getting dressed and wearing clothes was odd. the clothes almost felt wrong or not properly fitted. But, at least I did not get sunburned, but I am tanned the whole skin over…lol.

Thanks for reading my blog entry…oh and by the way 9 consecutive days nude and/or at a resort is my record.

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