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The beach is brilliant and stretches for miles We caught the ferry from Tavira to the island, and the first time got off the ferry and turned left and walked for ages. We decided to get a drink and give up but the bloke in the bar gave us directions. At last we found it Eureka. The best way is when you get off the ferry follow everyone else and head to the restaurants. There is a camp site on the right. Keep walking through the restaurants heading towards the Red Cross building and toilets. Follow the board walk to the beach bar XiRi then head towards the sea and turn right looking seawards. Before long you see fellow naturists everywhere.
There is another option by going to Santa Luzia but you really need transport as the buses seem infrequent and walking takes a long time.

Gets very hot and sea can be rough. The other day two people got into trouble and couldn't get back as the sea was so rough but six brave people went to their rescue. It took ages for the life guards to arrive as they only patrol the textile area. One of the people rescued was taken away in a beach buggy come ambulance, probably shock. Shows how careful you need to be.

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