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Many weeks ago in a casual conversation with a neighbour it was one of those moments when we both had an answer to a quiz poser, locked deep in our subconscious mind, really starting to irritate us both. After about 30 minutes of debating this question whilst walking back from our Saturday "Stroll", I decided to type the question into a search engine on my PC. Just as I typed, "Who played 'Jed Clampett' in the 1960's-70's TV show 'The Beverley HillBillies'?" when a voice very clear & masculine said "Buddy Ebsen". I turned quickly in my chair to make sure no-one had entered the room, I made sure there was no speaker volume on my PC, then I realised… the voice I had heard was without a doubt… my long deceased dad! He used to watch that show with me.!.
How did I hear his voice? How did he know I was searching for that name? How did I get that answer whilst I was still typing?
It was a quick answer indeed, a very spooky answer too !

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  1. I think we have a parallel life, out of time and space, out of reason & mind. We notice it, we can have an acces to it in our (lucid) dreams. It is a safe life, where we can test our most risky items in our "real" life; it is a pylon we can trust on. It's our natural side, oppisite to our rational/objective/predictive perceved life.
    May be this was not your father's voice that really spoke to you, but a recollection in your mind. But: wo/what drove your thought directly to an answer, to the right one? It's not worth of a question: simply we are so (well) formed.

  2. I think our departed loved ones on some level remain with us alive, albeit subconsciously, beneath the surface of every day life. Then suddenly they break through to consciousnesses. They may speak, or guide, us. It is as if they never died.

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