Two worlds

Like every morning I went out for a short walk in the country. It is against the prescriptions, not the law – and the prescriptions are unconstitutional, they have never been debated in parliament – fines are 300-3000 euros. On the one hand, I have this social and political reality in which, for better or worse, I have to live, on the other hand, nature – the same as every day and that changes every day (today, for example, I noticed some beautiful ash trees in bloom, a picture is coming).
The two worlds base themselves on completely different bases. Nature has its internal laws, its becoming day after day. Society is based instead on ideas, conceptions, goals, words, mental architectures (changeable at will and according to convenience). Nature has no purpose; social dynamics tend toward a so-called never-ending amelioration. As if feeling happy and satisfied would always be just a stage in an infinite process of improvement, and this perennial dissatisfaction is also the spring (note the metaphor) of our action.
Our projects are often against nature. We believe ourselves to be better than nature and we are playing – dangerously – the sorcerers’ apprentices. This difference became clear to me after listening to a recent interview with Nobel prize winner Luc Montagner ( who states that the corona-virus has been manipulated by inserting a sequence of AIDS virus. But nature will put things back in order as before (even without vaccines, I might add).

As if to say that we are now paying (innocent as we are) with life or inconveniences, the claim to dominate nature, challenging being one step ahead of nature.
It’s like with clothes: nature has made us naked, but we claim the right (or freedom) to wear clothes (we even make it an imposition, a law). And only when we are simply naked (without our conceptual castles, taking away from our body what is non-natural), we manage to be more balanced, tuned with nature. Even though this may cost us some social sanctions or fines.




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    • Thank you Jacques Marie. I have no way, nor the medical and technical preparation to verify Luc Montagner’s statements. But it was precious the cue to think about nature that knows how to heal itself; exactly as our immune system does.

    • Dear Patrick, thank you for the compliments. My words are in parallel with my mood, my way of seeing things. My mood is the icebreaker keel with which I go through any difficulties (I learned from Ulysses). If there’s no need to break through, to defend myself, I’m quietly enjoying my time.

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