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    • It does. Because people are living in a created society that is narrow thinking and does’nt allow people wander/walk nude around like normal people in the streets. Only in saunas or specific places.

  1. I like your firm convictions on living a nudist life. We are nudist and we are proud to be naked in our lives. It’s pure and simple as that. I was raised nudist in an open nudist family environment, along with my older nudist brother. After my folks divorcing, we both lived with my nudist Daddy, our home (hacienda) is on over 2,000 acres. Where we can roam for miles without even the thought of carrying any clothing to cover ourselves, not that we would anyways if need be. We all live at home completely naked 24/7 as much as is possible. If I had it my way I would never wear a stitch of clothing again, in runs in the family, my nudist brother & I are just “like father, like son” in our love to live openly naked. Stay naked my friend as much as possible especially in your good weather. where are you from in northern Europe? Naked Johnny

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