What's wrong with this picture (Netflix)

I caught my eleven year old watching a teen science-fi film yesterday. I heard lots of "F..ck" words which I don't like him to hear from teen girls and boys. In one scene a girl looked topless but they only showed her back, waist up.
What I want to know is why are dirty words used so much but they refuse to show a perfectly normal nude female or male? What is the problem? It should be the other way around in my opinion. What does this tell our kids?

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  1. Nudity=sex, and if you show nudity, children will breed like rabbits, so they have to be protected. Of course guns≠violence, because parents are able to teach kids that what they see in film is has unportrayed but real and devastating consequences. …Or so the thinking goes…

    The consequences of this commonly accepted yet ludicrous illogic is demonstrated in prudish cultures: in the Southeast US°, health statistics show there is an epidemic of sexually transmitted disease (because parent-teen conversations don't happen with taboo subjects) and in India and many Muslim countries there is an epidemic of rape, because sexually frustrated young men aren't taught to respect the opposite sex, are addicted to porn, and take by force what they lack the social skills to earn & maintain by relationship (love inspired sex).

    Vulgarity is protected by freedom of speech, so throw out any vestige of civil society, throw in lots of violence, but God forbid you show the human body, because that's just unnatural! ;( Absolutely ridiculous but this kind of thinking is extremely prevalent, pernicious and sadly keeps getting perpetuated.

  2. Violence, killing, blood and splatter are obscene. Human bodies and human body function are not obscene. The culture conspires to train our children in violence and extreme violence while prohibiting education about human bodies and especially avoids all acts of love and pleasure. The film industry is upside down, backward, grotesque, dangerous to children, and obscene for adults. It also trains youth that men are stupid and bad (except of the rare hero), and that men can be murdered in large numbers without remorse or punishment. I generally avoid any of the film industry offerings, and watch only "reality" TV where men are not killed or otherwise degraded.

  3. Pregnant! Yes, I said it… typed it… whatever. Excuse my 1950s vulgarity, however such a word merely describes a medical condition. Just as all the others refer to equally benign concepts.

    If a penis is no more obscene than an elbow when viewed as merely physiology, then words are only obscene when used so… and are used so because some believe they're obscene. Continue to view words as powerful and they'll remain the commodity of those who like to shock.

  4. It tells our kids completely a wrong message. The words you mentioned are almost part of every young family household now, young mums screech obscene words at their offspring & the teenagers who all dress identically in hoodies & oversized baggy t-shirts use "F's" & "C's" in every sentence commonly.
    Oddly enough most of these non-descript youngsters still giggle like prepubescent spotty kids if they see any form of nudity. A bare back is about as much as these aliens can deal with. Yes.. it is wrong, we ought to be doing things to change this situation.

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