No frills, this is me!

The curious thing is being naked is what we are! We don't have to be a 'naturist' or a 'nudist' to be naked do we, everyone is naked. When we decide to put clothing on, then we become different! If I put a uniform of some kind on, or maybe something with a badge or insignia on it, then I am trying to indicate that I belong to a 'unique' group or club. If I wear a costume of a country or national dress then I signify a link with that place, maybe. If I am a man & I wear clothing usually associated with the male human then I am reaffirming my gender status. Likewise if I were a female and wore clothing of that sex stereotype. I could use clothing to create a false idea, I could wear 'mixed-gender' clothing to avoid classification of that orientation kind.
All of the styles, colours & options of clothing are used to create something other than what we actually are. There's different quality clothing that can be bought with either huge sums of cash or at a bargain store for very little cash. So social status is often defined by what we wear, making it probably easier to fit in with whatever social strata we feel most 'in-tune' with. So surely it has to follow then that to avoid making pre-programmed judgements about people, through whatever clothes they wear, we have just 2 options.
We can ignore all of the uniforms, the badges of status or achievement, we can revalue the clothing people wear so that it is all of one standard in our judgement & completely irrelevant. Alternatively we can just get naked, or return to our unclothed state! Then we begin at an equal level to each other. The males, the females, the people. We are what we are. Our personality & our character traits define us, our education given by our genes & by our birth parents. Our life experiences are our building blocks, our personality adapts & develops as we grow. So to meet someone without clothing, with no false cover, we are able to talk without instant barriers, converse & discover, live & learn about each other.
Yes we do look at the physical appearance of each unclothed person we meet, we are preprogramed to make some judgements that it is difficult to 'de-program'. When we see a large person with excessive body mass we make judgements, when we see a slim athletic looking person we make mental notes of what we perceive that person to be 'about'. We will possibly always make instant calculations of some kind or other, but the obvious thing I think about meeting unclothed people is, you see the person not an artificial cover or pretence. Be prepared to be more open minded, be naked! Be aware that people are not always as you might perceive them, be naked & give everyone a basic start, with no frills!

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