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<p><span style="font-family: 'comic sans ms', sans-serif; color: #000080;">It has been suggested to me, on a few occasions, to write a blog.   But what do I write about.   What have I done in my life that would be an inspiration to whoever would read.  Married 2 kids.   that's it.    Oh yes, I've just completed my Cert IV in fitness which means I'm now qualified to be a Personal Trainer.  In itself it's not a big deal, until you realise I'm nearly 55 years old.   Yup.   not so far off retirement.  But do I ever want to retire.  I dont' think so.   There's so many things I want to do in my life.  things I've put to the side whilst raising my girls, and being the supportive wife for my husband.  It's now my turn.  But where do I start?   How do I start?   </span></p>

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  1. <p>The mass media tells us that the possibilities are nearly endless – if you are so "lucky" to have enough money and a good health. Daily we are informed about all the fantastic things we can do for money. Travel around the world, buy new products all the time, redecorate our house etc…<br />But what is happiness? What is a good life? For me it always starts inside myself. To feel calmness and harmony between my soul and my body. Between the psychic and the physical. To lie down and feel the harmony inside me and how the sun is warming my body.<br />I am sure that you know how and where to start, Susan. Lie down and close your eyes. Listen to yourself, and only to yourself. It is your life. :)</p>

  2. Yes, I agree Robert. A blog has been good for me. That was my first ever. I shall, of course, be posting my own. I may even one day post about my life since 2006 since the you know what hit the fan. Cathartic for me. I'll try to not be boring

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