What you see. . . .(part 1)

What you see is what you get. That's probably been my motto and my family motto for the history of us all. I suppose there's two basic "Routes" for this family motto being true to us, firstly I think it comes from the part of England we are born to, Yorkshire. As a place this county is gritty, hard & notoriously strongly dour & direct. Throughout the county history working life (particularly for the menfolk), all of the jobs such as coal mining, steel making & fishing, made working times tortuous but honestly reliable. It was always the 'pride & determination' that made men go on to do dangerous and physically demanding jobs. Being strongly loyal to work-mates because often your very life could depend on a strong bond & connection. Equally so family pride and bonding was so very strong, the really gruelling times of my early years just meant that families were very strong, poor but happy!

The other route of our motto has possibly been because of our strong and truthful naturism. Although for the first 30 years of my life I didn't understand or know the words like 'naturist' & 'naturism'. We were just a family who spent a lot of time not wearing clothes! At home and in the immediate area we just didn't see a need to be dressed. Parents got on with daily life and us 'kids' made our own days busy, so often we were adventurous but safe, our friends were an extension to our family. Indoors 'playtime' for all of us was usually naked, but we never thought about it, that was just 'life'.
In other words. . ."What you see is what you get" ( part 1)

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