When you are the only naturist in the family

Now I lived alone, but when I was married, I faced a very common situation: wife was not naturist. At that time it was not a problem cause it was only me and her and my naturism was confined to our home (a little apartment). She really did not care about my almost 100% nudity when the weather was fine. But always assured she will not join for anything like that outside. Final dot.
After our daughter was born, my closed naturism was finished when my mother in law came to live with us "temporaly"…
It is been a long time, but now I am separated and my daughter plans to live with me. She is 15 now and I realized that she grew very prudish when she crossed the teens.
We went to a little trip to UK during the summer so we live together that period in the same hotel room. It was very hot and dry in London, so I took my usual step to, as soon as I entered the room, take my clothes off. For my surprise, she started to complain about my nudity. I replied that she never mind about it before. But she insists. I kept naked. After a while she forgot about it whatching tv or something, we started to chat about other things and then she realized "oh, you are still naked!!!" It was funny. I never put my clothes on, but this argument was a daily routine to the end of the week.
I am wondering how can I arrange this once she is decided to live with me…
What about your thoughts on this?

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  1. I have been reading the comments and they are great. My daughter is 18 years old now,sometimes she complained about my nudity, but I noticed she is less prudish herself, allowing her to be nude on the way or back from the bath. Good. But it is a developing issue. I already have been naked in front of my brother and his wife and it was OK. They come to visit me in Portugal some years ago. For the beginning she said that she did not approve this naturist thing when I said I was. But after somedays in my house she finally said she now was OK with it and I Medela her see that naturism is differ than she thought. Good. But as I say is a developing story. Until the next chapter. Thanks for the stories.

  2. you should take her to a nudist beach or places where is not mandatory to be fully nude and she will realized that nobody should be ashamed of their body. we all are different and should be in peace with ourselves and accept ourselves..many of none nudist ppl haven't experienced the freedom we feel when we are clothes free…no judgement, no labels, and worry free…at least that's how I feel….maybe she will see that at a nudist beach or resort, life is worry free and she will understand you more…..that is just my thought.

  3. Update: my daughter is living with me now in Portugal, since August , 2015. Apart from the first "put some clothes on", I have never heard any other complain about my nudity. That´s great. I can do whatever I want at home naked and my daughter now accept this with no problem. She´s 16 and maybe now she understand this. She even went to a CO beach and a naturist camping site. Of course she does get into the naturist thing, but she is tolerant with nudity. Mine and from others also. Great advance!

  4. I am blessed by the fact, that although my wife and son do not join me in the lifestyle, they have no objections with me living the nudist lifestyle. When we first met back in 1985, I had to control the urge to go around naked all the time. We lived in an apartment and there were too many eyes ready to report any infraction. After we moved into our house 20 years ago, I was finally able to indulge my love of nudity, but only to a small degree because of neighbors. They had at that time 2 small daughters and seeing a naked man about wouldn't have been a good thing.

    The neighbors have long since moved away and we have another neighbor living next door. Three years ago when I was 47, I finally said to myself "you're old enough to do what you want when you want!" So I started going around nude more and more. My wife said she was ok with it as long as I did it when our son wasn't around. I said why?

    She was concerned that he might be taken aback by seeing his Dad going around naked. An opportunity arose when he and I went to the market by ourselves. After a few nervous moments I just came out and asked him if he was OK with me going around nude all the time. He said "Dad… I have no problem with that. What happens in the house stays in the house. If that makes you happy then go for it. It's all about being comfortable!"

    It was like a ton of weight was finally lifted off my shoulders. Again…I am so blessed to have a wonderful wife and son who understand.

  5. I have been in a similar boat and it happens a lot. People have been misled about nudity from early childhood unless they had the good fortune to be raised in an environment where nakedness wasn't taboo.
    I found in my relationship even though my wife tolerated nudity when the weather was warm and the kids were in bed, it was never ideal. I didn't feel completely open and honest about it. It didn't feel like something I could explain in depth. In part that was me making assumptions.

    There's way more to nudity than just being naked. Some choose to shed their clothes purely to be comfortable. Others like me do so because they're on a quest to something more. Far more.
    When you discover that far more as I recently have, life becomes very simple. This simplicity freed me and broke down all the barriers in my marriage.
    There are four simple agreements with yourself that can set you free.
    1. Be impeccable with your word. IE: Be open and honest with everyone. Explain to your daughter the whole situation. Don't argue or feel shame. Just tell your truth calmly and openly.
    2. Don't take it personally. IE: Everyone has their own view of the world and each is unique. People project their views and troubles on you. They hold you to their standards which have absolutely nothing to do with you, so don't take it personally.
    3. Don't make assumptions. IE: How can you know what somebody else is thinking or feeling. Don't assume how people think or feel. Ask. Ask your daughter why she feels as she does. Hear her out. Don't argue. Speak your truth, let her speak her truth.
    4. Always do your best. IE You can only ever do your best and it will change from when you're tired and sick to when you're well rested and healthy. You are only ever able to do your best, so never think to yourself you haven't done your best at any given moment.

    For more read "Four Agreements" by don Mugiel Ruiz.

    My book will be "Reclaiming Paradise" but it's still in early Draft and I need to figure out how people can donate without me registering as a nonprofit or using PayPal. I don't feel a third party should take a cut for one person showing gratitude by way of money for something given to them for free.

  6. Maybe you need to explain your philosophy and how it makes you feel to be naked and having to dress. Maybe you need to explain the philosophy of respect for yourself, others and your environment. There are studies on the net that have found that children brought up with nudity have better body image acceptance and less likelihood of anorexia and bulimia as well. Also that societal norms are not always right. Hope this helps.

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