Why aren't you naked?

There is this TV commercial I've seen several times lately. Some guy opens the hood (bonnet) of his car to change his oil. He finds a little man (dressed in car racing outfit) standing on top of his engine. The little man explains the benefit of a particular kind of motor oil.

The regular size man asks the little man, “May I ask you a question? Why are you 3 inches tall?”

The little man turns it around and asks, “Why aren't you 3 inches tall?” (That is a very good question.)

I think that's the attitude I've developed about being naked. When I see prudish people with fabric covering their bodies I wonder, “why are you all covered up.” I wonder the same question about Muslim full body covers and Christian middle body covers. Why is your beautiful human body all covered up in ugly uncomfortable unhealthy fabric?

That is the real question. It is not “Why are we naked.” The harder question is, “Why aren't you (others) naked?”

3 thoughts on “Why aren't you naked?”

  1. Because clothing had not been natural, there must have been a reason for it. Surely for protection, for instance against more sudden temperature variations by moving away from the original comfort zone and farther away simply against the cold, furthermore against minor bruises, stings and bites, which had been found often dangerously inflammable. It is only fair to ask why one wears clothes, when no such reason appears present. It is just as normal to ask why one is naked, when not all reasons are evidently absent. The problems are, that imaginary advantages like 'politeness' and 'sexual decency' later became attributed and remain indoctrinated as if indispensable for for these, including for occasions at which no truly valid reason plays more than a trivial role, and the generally mandatory character of the fictitious remedy.

  2. The fact is that being without clothing is the natural way of being, it is the way we are born. I do not subscribe to the argument of why we are naked or why others are not. The real question is why are we clothed and why others are clothed. It is not being without clothing that creates the myriad of problems we have in our society, but being with clothing or more precisely the clothing itself and the wearing of it that creates the problems. The aberration is that even the word naked is used in the context of clothing, that is if clothing did not exist, neither would the word to describe the lack of it.

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