Why I must go to London for the WNBR next year

It’s going to be the London WNBR this weekend. For those who live in England, it’s just a train ride away, at the most. But for me, it’s at the other side of the globe and I’ll have to be 13 hours on a non-stop flight just to get to Heathrow. But I’m determined to go to London, possibly next year for the WNBR. But why London?

First, there is no WNBR in Asia. In my country, it would be such a shocking crime to be seen naked in your own home. A man and his wife were prosecuted in court years ago because they walked around naked in their flat at about 6 in the morning and a neighbour in the opposite block happened to be up early one morning and saw them and he called the police. I don’t think there can be a WNBR in Singapore for the next 500 years.

There is no WNBR in other Asian countries either. But why London? It’s the familiarity that makes the place more interesting. Whenever my family is in London, we’ll go to either Westminster Abbey or St Paul’s for our religious obligations because they’re in the heart of town and a lot more convenient. Going naked in front of these places would be really great. I can imagine all my relatives rolling their eyes in horror. LOL.

London is just right because most people are familiar with it. Every corner is a famous monument and it’s really fun to do a WNBR there. I’ll probably flood my Facebook with photos. I’ll probably set up my camera at the end of the monopod and cycle while holding on to the monopod. I would want to take a thousand selfies on the ride. LOL.

It must be fun to have the WNBR in your own country. For Asians like myself, we have to take a long-haul flight just to bike naturally.

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