Winter swimming

Friends and how do you feel about winter swimming? I understand that this is summer . But I would like to know if there are people on the site who like me practice this.

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  1. What a gorgeous photo. I like the quasi-sepia feel to the background, the very real (and perfectly distributed) tints and hues of the flesh tones, not to mention the striking clarity, the confident yet appropriately apprehensive pose, and the pleasant sensual appeal of the subject. Very nicely composed. Thumbs up/Heart/5-stars/etc.

  2. I think it looks amazing but I don’t like the cold and I think we have to listen to our bodies, if it makes you happy and there are benefits too that’s great but I don’t think it’s for everyone and what ever heath benefits there are would not be worth it for someone who wouldn’t enjoy. Just my thoughts on that but it does look cool (pun intended : )

  3. I detect that the conversation we had the other day has led to you asking this 🙂 and I admit, I’m curious too.
    As I said there, taking a plunge in cold water is claimed to be good for your immune system as well as having benefits in the treatment of depression. A book I read recently makes that latter claim: “Dip”, by Andrew Fusek Peters (ISBN 978-1-84604-448-9), but I have heard it from other sources as well. When I am able to go to the gym, I will always use the cold water bucket as my “experience shower” after time in the sauna or steam room, but I have yet to pluck up the courage to swim in a frozen lake such as the one you illustrate here. Should I ever decide to try, I think I should not go alone, so there would be someone there to fish me out if the shock proved too much. Do you have any advice for surviving it?

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