Working on the all over tan this time of year.

Well, despite what I said in my earlier posts, I am now working on that elusive all over tan. I’ve added a bit of discipline to the mix. Set the timer for 15 minutes each side, then a couple of days later 30 minutes. By the time I find the time to get my sun bath in the sun is at an angle, so lesser chance of a bad burn. Today and yesterday time was limited due to increased cloud cover, but I still feel some residual warmth on my buns. I will gradually increase the exposure according to my schedule and the sun’s schedule. I tan quickly this time of year, especially if I apply an after sun lotion.
Next week is the Volleyball Tournement at Lake Como, Lutz, FL. Will go to observe, as I can’t yet devote the time to play. Will work on that problem later.

5 thoughts on “Working on the all over tan this time of year.”

  1. Those first times each year that we can be comfortably naked outside again are some of the best nude times each year. We live nude indoors year round but these outdoor moments rank as my favourite experiences, feeling the sun and air all over our bodies is very refreshing, spring-like sensations. Hopefully they are the fore-runners of many more naked outdoor experiences this year. Last summer was a very naked one, I hope we get a similar one this year.

    • Our tans are long faded, we’re holding on to a very slight tint but only just. Our niece is virtually deep brown all over, her son is tanned apart from the usual area around his lower torso. He goes swimming with his school & a gang of lads always go river fishing in the summer, he says he gets naked then & his pals strip to their pants. They never question him, he has never made an issue of it either.

      • Great to hear youngsters just being accepting like that 🙂 When I was 9 yrs old some buddies and I spent some time in the sand dunes at the beach near our homes and one by one we all stripped off, boys & girls, with no issues or shyness just a desire to enjoy the sun and sea; it was a spontaneous and liberating experience and the start of a life long affinity with naturism.

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