1952 Ford 8N Tractor

The lady I bought my land from had an old tractor sitting out in the back yard.  It was buried halfway up its rims in mud as it had been there for at least four years since her husband passed away.   We traded it for custom-built handrails that I welded up for her front porch.

A friend helped my winch it out of the mud and bring it to my house on his trailer where with just minor work on the carb and fuel system, it started right up!  I love old equipment because it’s so simple to work on.  It still needs more work but after putting on new tires, it does the job.

I bought a dirt scoop for it as well as an old harrow for planting my crops.  I got a used mower attachment which makes short work of mowing my 3.5 acres.   Life is good and naked here in Texas.

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  1. I just joined the site looking for connections here in Texas and noticed your blog. I have been going to Star Ranch, Hippie Hollow, and sneaking arround at Padre Island. As you said, it’s fun but would love to hang out with someone. If you’re still on this sight send me a friend request.

  2. Great find! You can’t beat the old 8Ns! I bought one several years ago, after buying my place out in the country. It had a grader blade with it, and later, I bought (or traded…can’t remember) a scoop and a 4-foot bush-hog from a friend. I’ve used that old tractor to prepare my house foundation site, dig a pond, build a road (with the spoils dirt from the pond), bush-hog my place and the deer lease roads, and a bunch of other jobs…most of them while nude. Learned early to park it in the shade on hot days when it’s break time…that steel seat gets hot on bare buns!

    And you’re right about being easy to work on! Haynes has a manual that covers 8Ns, 9Ns, and Jubilees. If you haven’t already, try to find someone local that works on them and who has old parts. Even if you do all the work yourself, someone to help with finding parts is always handy!

  3. Those were nice tractors for the acreages. The metal seats that they had were comfortable, but got hot sitting in the sun. Place a towel over it and good to go. Those ones are getting to be sought after here if they are in good shape or rebuilt. Enjoy it

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