2 steps forward, 1 step back

It’s been a while and I can see that the website has changed again!
Anyway.. I moved to another country I have to force myself to enjoy my least favourite season (because it is so hot) in a country where it is almost constantly warm (land climate), in a small city where people are a bit conservative or (even) religious.

Again, I have a balcony, looking down on a little square this time, where some cars are parked and were children play and where inhabitants of various buildings come to put their trash in the collective trash collection point.
I live on the highest floor and have a banner (?) that partly covers the bars of the balcony.

Again, I am too much aware of the fact that I can be seen by many “neighbours” if they look up… So again, I do not feel relaxed.

However, what has changed in a positive way, is that I have my own kitchen now, so I do not have to get dressed because I will go to a shared space!

Two steps forward, one step back? I don’t want to be perceived as .. as as how? How do religious or conservative people see a relatively young, at least bare-chested lady on a balcony looking down on people? I hope they understand that I do not mean anything by it, but I don’t know their associations here. 

Yesterday, a man looked up and as soon as I noticed, it, I duck down (actually I had to be there anyway, to pick up a piece of clothing that was drying there, on the balcony), but decided to stay down a bit longer. When I raised to go back inside, I still saw the an looking up, in my direction. I really was too afraid to make eye contact, so I actually don’t know if he looked / stared (in awe and silence and head still in the same position) at me or at some bird or clouds maybe. 

Yes, I am new here in this small city in a new country and I have no idea what people’s associations here are with casual nudity (or just bare-chestedness, female bare-chestedness)… 

Who knows, maybe I already have a reputation here. 

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  1. It depends on the country. I am brazilian, but live in Portugal.
    For me the change was for was better, cause in general, portuguese accept ocasional nudity far much better than the brazilians.
    And it seemed to be the other way around, but this is. It was here in Portugal that i initiated myself in social nudity.
    In Spain, the times i tried to be naked in the open i had more good than bad experiences.

  2. Thank you Richard! I use Google Chrome on my home PC computer and Firefox here on my iPhone! I will go to the website once I get home using my home PC computer in Google Chrome. I’ll let you know how it works! Appreciate your help!

  3. Ah, @mrtexas, you mean the website link from Eveliina’s activity profile? If you use google Chrome, it has a built-in translation option for every foreign language website you visit – highly recommended. If you use Firefox, you can use an add-on extension to achieve the same thing. And otherwise, I have no idea except to suggest you go to language school 😉

  4. interesting to read about your experiences in your new home, Eveliina. We’ve just moved to warmer climes also (Spain). Things are different from Bavaria here, and being new to the land it may take some time to feel completely comfortable. Fortunately we have a fairly private home, found with intention, and the nearby beach is relatively relaxed especially outside the main tourist season. As the saying goes: “one step at a time”…

    • I can now open the website but in French so I can’t read it without a translation. Looks like the girl in the video is a fun person. I wish you the best in your new home and I also understand the difficulties you’re having on your balcony.

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