"My upbringing for" Naturist Foundation Values!

Regenerative Living:
We are a part of the Earth & therefore sustainability, as a way of life that supports both human beings & the Earth as one, is a default value in our living paradigm. Naturists take sustainability to the next level & focus on regenerative living as a model that integrates ancient & modern ecological food production technologies with ancestral land management methodologies to regenerate health & biodiversity.
Our greatest teacher, source of Naturists wisdom, healing and inspiration. We honor & nurture our connection with nature & with our extended natural family the plants, animals, & elements.
Growth & change are hallmarks of human life. As such, regenerative spiritual beliefs, practices, traditions, & ceremony contain the seeds of growth & change & an emphasis to “Know Thyself”. Naturists welcome a diversity of spiritual beliefs (with the exception of those perfidious to our Mother Earth needs, & all shallow $$$ obsessed abominations).
We appreciate the knowledge & learning resulting from Natural Nature based spirituality. We encourage “living” spiritual belief systems that can grow & change as we grow & change while also looking within for answers, understanding, & Natural preservation.
Naturists encourage the use & preservation of "primitive technologies" as tools to connect with nature, each other, & our ancestral roots. Innovation, imagination, & creativity are unstoppable forces of human nature for better or worse, & we support the conscious use & development of modern technological advancements, harmonious with nature, for the greater good of all living kind & our Mother Earth.
Ancestral Wisdom:
Our primitive ancestors lived during a time when conditions created a default connection with one another, & with our plant, animal, & elemental families. By tapping into the wisdom that our ancestors have passed on to us, we can complete the circle & maintain an anchor that grounds & connects us to our roots as we continue to forge ahead on a path to greater consciousness & awareness.
Information is key to making conscious choices. Our ability to access information beyond the mainstream current, has made a quantum leap forward with the advent the world wide web; the internet has revolutionized our ability to learn from, teach, & inform anyone from anywhere. It is our responsibility to gather empowering knowledge, information, & make it available to everyone for the greater good, our self-actualization & sovereignty.
Humans are social beings & it is through connection with others that we can achieve our greatest potential. Naturist's concept of community is a balance between the traditional “village” approach, the developing global cyber community, & an openness to connect with a community beyond the Earth. In this way we incorporate the familial & communal ties that make us strong as a people now & for the generations to come while also opening the doors to unlimited possibility.

Promote transformation in the world through the example of walking in life with love, confidence & power as a positive force.
Live lightly on the land using minimal impact housing.
Facilitate a paradigm shift in modern “conventional society” that integrates humans as a part of nature & focuses on cooperation & balance between modern technologies with the natural world.
Provide a resource for restorative living technologies & nature stewardship to bring greater vitality & harmony to our planet.
Increase social awareness & consciousness through communication & experiences that promote connection, understanding & unity.
Facilitate a paradigm shift from a social model of “tolerance” to a model of respect for individual belief systems & gratitude for the gift of diversity.
Promote awareness for human potential & life beyond the Earth with the possibility of consciously connecting with extraterrestrial life.
Reinforce the sense that one is never alone by strengthening the traditional model of family, community & reconnecting with nature.
Restore the tradition that “it takes a village to raise a child” by knowing that the future of our world depends on how we raise our children today, emphasizing the responsibility of the community to nurture & educate younger generations.
Increase awareness & choices for natural medicine & personal health & well being that are harmonious with nature.
Preserve primitive technologies & ancestral wisdom as the foundation to maintain balance & harmony with nature while developing modern technologies & evolving philosophies.

Blessed be in ALL your natural endeavors!

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