Brian Taylor – Do we really want this guy in the nudist movement?

It is starting to worry me that Naktiv is becoming a haven for exhibitionists and perverts, and the Admin is not doing anything to deal with them.

One of the most prominent members of this website is Brian Taylor, a former member of the Board of Directors of the British Naturism organization.

In 2014, he was busted and convicted with over *120,000* counts of child pornography and his membership to the BN was instantly revoked!

Please read these news articles for more information on him. Do we really want this sick and dangerous man as part of our community?!

Guys like this bring shame on the nudist movement, and hold it back from becoming a safe, family friendly lifestyle that EVERYONE can participate in.

I warned Richard Foley about him on Facebook, but nothing was done, so now I'm coming here to warn the whole community.

Note to Admin: Before accepting new members on here, please check the sex offenders register websites so that you don't unwittingly admit the wrong type of people.

18 thoughts on “Brian Taylor – Do we really want this guy in the nudist movement?”

  1. Dario: this is not 3 articles, it is one article reposted 3 times with slight wording changes. As one that is and has been a part of 2 other alternative life styles i can tell you for a fact that even those innocent "family" photos can and likely will be at some point used against you. those holier than thou WASP's will use and distort anything they can. and even some in your own groups will use them to get what they want.

    you sir are a witchhunter and a grand candidate for westboro baptist church.

  2. Dario, I was RAISED on a "Clothing optional Beach from 1962 & have remained a "Family Naturist" ever since. If I still had ALL the photos of us kids being raised "NATURALLY" from then to now, I would be in jail, PERIOD! Ask a REAL Naturist if you have an issue, & please stop being a DICK! I get your concern, & I suspect that you have some trauma that keeps triggering you to get all stupid here. You may want to look into that.
    Blessed be in ALL your Natural endeavors!

    • I agree completely CherBear. The witch hunter mentality and their "for the children" excuse is hurtful and wrong. Reading through these stories about Mr. Brian Taylor I see no accusations or allegations that he harmed any child. Its all about the nebulous theory that some child somewhere must have been harmed by being photographed, or by a naked image, or by something. In part it a hatred of men because only men are ever accused and punished for sexual feelings. Its just wrong.

      • I wouldn't quite agree with the last part of your comments, Bob. There have been stories in the press of females seducing and sexually harming young children in the recent years. Google "female paedophiles".

        Whilst Brian might not have directly harmed any children by simply downloading the offensive imagery, he was still aiding and abetting such behavior.

        I don't understand why anybody, nudist or not, would want to subject any child to pain or sexual violation. Child pornography is sick and evil! :-/

        • There was no allegation that Mr. Brian Taylor subjected any child to pain or sexual violation. The hate, attack, pain and violation in this story were all done against him by a by hateful police state.

          It should also be noticed that there are literally millions of "under age" women and men sending "selfies" of themselves. None of them are being caused "pain or sexual violation." Yet even the youths who send the selfies are often persecuted for so-called "child pornography. Its a sick hateful society gone totally mad.

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