When I found love?

As I have mentioned before on this place I was actually born to naturist parents (just over 65 years ago!) although they would never have used 'naturist' in their daily talking. They preferred to be naked or in as few clothes as possible, when it was possible! Consequently my home throughout my childhood had naked people in it. Through the major part of my own life I have been naked too. It hasn't always been easy when 'acquiring' another girlfriend, a situation that needed careful handling of course. I could often charm my way into any naked situation at a girlfriends house, but if it came to taking them home to meet my mum, (my dad died before my 9th birthday) it was entirely a very different situation! With one particular woman I knew it was a carefully planned set of events that needed to be carefully executed before mother could give 'approval' of my relationship.
After around a year of avoiding the probable difficult meeting, having carefully negotiated many 'naturism' discussions and a few 'naked days' at her house, I actually arranged a date when I would take my lover to my mother, I knew it had to go smoothly and it had to happen fairly soon or I would find a reason to abort the event totally. I spoke calmly to my mother and explained that things needed to go smoothly. I even made sure that my younger sister (who was already married) would most likely not be crashing into the scene too. On the day it was to happen I met my female cohort & we
walked the mile to my mothers house, just to give me more 'thinking time' and plotting an alternative escape if things went wrong.
With fairly steady strides we walked straight into the house, both feeling a bit unsure and both almost ready for any eventuality, but what actually happened as we walked into the 'front room' just wasn't in my plans at all. There on the settee sat my sister and her husband, NAKED!

More of this story will unfold soon, watch for "Part 2)

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