A message from far (or close!)

Hello fellow Nudists and Naturists!

I hope you are doing well during the COVID-19 pandemic. I myself am well, and have had the chance to have lots of nude time at home. A few plans of mine have come to fall, as a local nudist club decided to close down because of the pandemic; I was genuinely bummed out (I wanted to experience my first social nudism/naturism interaction!)

Although I have not been very active/talkative on Naktiv, I try my best to be. I enjoy the photographs and posts that are being placed by members. They always put a smile on my face!

Stay Clean, Stay Healthy, and Stay Naked <3

6 thoughts on “A message from far (or close!)”

  1. My wife and I are doing well. Very few cases of the virus where we live, I’m retired, and she can work from home so we don’t have to go out much. I do regret that I have to get dressed to go out, but for the most part I’m nude if I’m home.

    • Our niece Lisa can work from home but she has to go out some days to meet up with suppliers. She has really enjoyed working at home and she says that she can now spend around 4 days without putting clothes on. Her partner has a business to keep going and needs to be out much of the week but he says home life is better now and there’s no real worries when he’s at home, apart from getting some quiet ‘business’ time !

  2. It’s nice to know that you’re enjoying your home life, we use our home as a central core for everything. Since we retired and as we are partially disabled, it is much more convenient for us to be at home. Nudity at home is never an issue for us, we are naked and that is just the way we live. Everyone we know, ( family, friends, visitors, care staff ) all accept us in a happy way. We have even converted some ‘sceptics’ to become true naturists. Many who come into our home now are happy to strip and be naked too.

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