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Have read so much over the years about nudism naturism, and how all encompassing it is and irrespective of looks everyone is seena s a valued individual.

I was born to an American father who is 25 years older than my English mother, on 11th April 1997, and given the name Hexley Adam Torin the Third, my Dad being H T the second. A name guaranteed to get me picked on and bullied in school, and didnt disappoint in that way.

My Dad who is a Clergyman, says it would toughen me up, but actually It taught me when to run away, and when to walk.
After attending 4 primary schools I finally went to boarding school, where the bullying became much more iventive, and unpleasant.. I was also diagnosed around this time with a delayed puberty syndrome, which meant that aged 15 I still looked like I was 8. Imagine that in the communal showers of boarding school my life was a nightmare of bullying, teasing, and physical abuse. Which caused me to make a stupid pointless suicide attempt ages 16. But I survived, thanks to a school nurse.

Since those days I have changed my outlook on life totally, I will treat everyone as I am treated by them,I have met some really lovely people here who have interacted with me, and treated me as I feel Naturists should treat each other with respect, and dignity, but also with an enormous amount of humour, I mean we all look weird naked lets be honest, but thats the whole point accepting other peoples weirdness, as they accept ours. I continue to be a coward preferring to walk before the need to run arises.

I know that for a site like this accepting me for who I am is virtually impossible, as my Avatar shows I look about 15 (on a good day) and naked it just gets worse.

So I feel privileged to have made the acquaintance of those beautiful, open minded people on here, but feel maybe it is time to walf away, before something happens to make me run.

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  1. A seemingly bad start can turn around quickly with a little information and understanding. I hope things have already taken a new direction for you here because of the many welcoming posts we are seeing. Think of yourself as an ambassador for an under recognised and under represented group!

    You may find that with time nude people look less weird and more human than before. It's a perception change due to a change in mindset.

    I think that your chances of blending into this group are quite high! Just give it time.

  2. I hope you don`t walk away,or get driven out by certain negative people whoever they may be,most are tolerant here,some are mad as hatters (me),or a bit wierd,(me again)so we all try to mix in and get along,cheers,Eric.

  3. Hi huxley, great to see you have ventured into the naturist world and yes here you will generally find people kind , unassuming and acceptant of almost anything or anyone within reason, It is a great lifestyle because here you can be who god created you as with no falsities or cover ups. I love the lifestyle and have met so many wonderful people over the years. here no one judges you or mocks you but just accepts you for who you are. that doesnt mean like any world there are not some exceptions to the rule but generally they are few and far between. I hope you stick with it and get to get out there and meet some nudists in real life at some local nudist retreats as i am sure you will find them great and it will open some new and wonderful doors for you

  4. I for one hope you find your peace and can walk with your head held high. No one should ever be able to make you feel judged. I also know the feeling of judgements being fat and all. but brush it off and we hope you will return someday.

  5. I do sincerely hope that no-one here has said anything that has prompted you to feel you can't stay. However brief, it was good to meet you, and as others have said, you'll always be welcome back. Go well, I wish you all the very best.

  6. Sad to see you leave. Remember that no matter what you look like you will always find friends here who will accept you for who you are and not what you look like. Stay strong, stay nude!

  7. Whatever your future life & friends bring to you I know you will bring a happy smile with you as you journey on.
    There isn't a person on the planet who can justify any bitter or cruel comments to another person, suffice it to say that where they feel the need to be hurtful they should feel the need to love, so it is them that has something valuable missing from their souls.
    I look at those bitter people with sadness, because they don't even know what love & kindness truly is !

  8. Huxley, sorry Hopper to ur friends. What a very brave person you are. Not only to share such an awful time in ur life but to be able to find the strength to carry on and be happy with yourself. There are good people out there that will only see the person and nothing else. I hope u surround urself with them when u find them. XXX

  9. Everyone your age will be jealous of you when you still look like a young man and they all look old… so it's swings and roundabouts. As an example: My other half was 25 when I met her and at the time used to get asked if she was child rate on buses / cinema etc.. now that we're both cracking on for our 50s in the next 5 years she still looks far, far younger than I. Once you get to around 30 or so you'll probably have no idea how old other people are anyway and 3 years difference in perceived age will mean nothing, honestly.. I have friends from lots of different age groups and I couldn't tell you whether any of them are older or younger than me.. age quite quickly becomes an irrelevance when you get out of your teens and on into your thirties and beyond. Odd though when I'm out for a beer with people and mention things from the past and they reply "erm, I wasn't even born then" lol.

    I've now learnt that if I fear something I must do it.. for 20 years I had a huge fear of public speaking and four years ago I realised that the only way to get over that was to force myself to do it rather than continue to run away from it.. so I threw myself into something that would ensure that I had no choice but to do it. Guess what.. 4 years later and it's no big issue.

    Not sure what your reasons for walking or running away from this or other communities are but I have to say that the people I've met through naturism are some of the loveliest people I've ever met.. especially those I've met in person at BN events.

  10. Life isn't fair or easy, but walking away should never be an option. You need to make sure you get the right support and trust the right people. If someone upsets you talk to the trusted people and brush it off otherwise the past will always haunt you. Don't dwell on things you can't change but focus on the positive things you can. Took me a long time to learn that for what its worh. Good luck.

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