A century milestone

I got to thinking about "100" mainly because this is my 100th blog, I was just wondering how many more people are actually getting to 100 years old now. We have known many people who get well into their 90's and still have an active lifestyle. I knew a gentleman who got to 102 years old, he was a naturist too. His wife passed over when she was 97 and she too was an active naturist with an amazing sense of humour & fun. We have a neighbour living a street away who is 100 in around 5 weeks time, 'Nelly' is a what we call "A tough old stick!" who has some very rigid opinions on just about everything. When she heard that we are a naturist family she was heard to say "My body has so many 'sags-bags-wrinkles & crinkles' even I find new things to see every time I get naked. I don't approve of people getting naked in groups but what he does in his own family is up to him, just don't let me hear of anybody being hurt or frightened!"
100 is also a milestone in many sports isn't it? Here in the UK and in many other countries there's a game called cricket where scoring 100 runs is almost expected of every batsman, though not too many achieve it. Can you identify a sport or competition where '100' is a target or an ambition?
Of course when driving an expensive car it's fairly normal to expect the speed of 100 to be fairly easily achievable in a very short space of time isn't it? But here in the UK the maximum speed limit is 70mph so the lawmen need to be able to easily pass that speed to catch both criminals & 'souped-up' racers on our roads.
An event we took some of our family to last year had nearly 130 guests attending, to our surprise when it was marked on the invitation card "Clothing Optional" it encouraged almost 80 people to get naked & probably around 15 or so stripped to 'shorts' only. The few that remained clothed didn't seem to even notice the naked folk or the ones in underwear type pants.
We had 8 people in our little group and the only one staying partially covered was a cousin who had just recently had a major operation on her breasts and she felt conspicuous when she stripped, even with us alone, though she knew really it wasn't too big a deal either way. When we are in a large group of people and we can get naked socially we soon seem to 'blend' in with the clothed persons, so maybe a mixed society of naturists & textiles isn't too far away after all.
So now I'll bring this blog to a close and tick off number 100. Maybe my next 100 will have much more variety & facts also. I really do thank everyone of you who takes time to read these, it is special to me that I have some 'followers' or 'friends' on this group/page and to have your attention for a minute or two means a whole lot. Here's to another century of blogs & many more friendships on here. If you want my phone number to send me personal text messages (Not calls please or photo's) please text to 07759116197. Friends, we thank you 100 thousand times.

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  1. Great blog, Patrick! I'd like to have a year when I can be naked outdoors for 100 or more days! There is some hope for it in the not so distant future. I'd love to go to a naked event with 100 attendees! I'd also like to o naked in a 100 different places! :). Hope you have 100 more nude years to celebrate!

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