Why when I do a search for naturist/nudist do I end up with a lot of results for porn. It seams the porn industry has hijacked our way of life for the own gratification. unfortunately this is what a lot of textiles see and then believe naturism is about sex. As true nudists we only have our voice to get the message across so we need to shout up and be heard.

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  1. it also has to do with how search engines work. they search for key words. so anything put into the keywords of a site . porn sites always include nudity or naked. when i was building sites, i always added religion, world religions and religious to my key words as well as other high hit words.

    I remember a time many years ago when i was first learning computers, i was looking for a leather supplier. i put leather in the search and the first hit i got was a page called wet,hot pussy. not quite what i wanted

  2. is it normal for a nudist to be proud to be nude and at the same time a exhibitionist and ok if people take photograph ? or it is normal for nudist to watch porn or sexual orientation and border for nudist is different from the clothing population.

    • Watching other people is arguably the most popular human occupation and entertainment. Humans find other humans endlessly fascinating, and are especially fond of seeing less covered or uncovered humans. It is normal for nudists (and everyone else) to watch porn and non-porn films of human behavior.

  3. I don't think anyone is denying that Naturists have sex – where do the children of Naturist couples come from? In all my campaigning I never denied that Naturists can be and are sexually attracted to one another at times – but no more than in 'textile' company and the 'rules of engagement' and desire for privacy are just the same as in any civilised group. Surely, what we object to is the assumption that we are at it like rabbits just because we are socially naked and the promotion of that assumption by porn websites.

    • Well replied Brian. Too many (way too many)people just instantly associate social nudity with rampant sexual activity in any kind of 'public' arena. The brain image that many 'textiles' carry with them, (along with what the see on some internet search engines) is just reinforcing the childhood teaching that nudity=sex=very rude behaviour.

  4. I understand where you guys are coming from, but denial does not convince people who don't want to be convinced. The path of power is to OWN the complaint. People read that nudists aren't sexual and think that's just silly denial of the obvious. Like derek mowbray posted, its all over the Internet. Human brains don't even retain "NOT" as a concept. When nudists say "Nudism is NOT sexual," what human minds retain is the association of "nudism" and "sexual". There has to be a better way. Owning our bodies (body acceptance), owning our nature as human animals, and owning the variety of human behavior is the powerful path. Once its owned then we can decide not to allow it to rule. You can't even decide that as long as its just denied.

  5. Humans are sexual beings, its in our nature. We were born to reproduce, just like animals. Sex is part of us. But that is not the point. What we are trying to project is that because we are naked, we are not ready to have sex. Nudity is natural and beautiful. Society is the one that has taught us that nudity is wrong. And that perception is what we are trying to change.But sex will always be part of our beings, with clothes or without clothes!

  6. From data I've read, porn has been about 1/2 of total Internet traffic since the beginning of the Internet. It is a HUGE business. Porn is a huge business on Internet because billions of people are naturally sexual, have built in sexual desires, and want to see sexual people.

    The first time I ever heard about "naturism" or "nudism" more than 50 years ago, was when I found a stash of "nudist" magazines that featured young women playing volleyball. Humans are sexual, all humans are sexual. Humans think about sex about every 5 or 6 waking minute, according to psychology. We cannot ever divorce humans from sexuality. Its a losing battle.

    The only way to "WIN" is to accept human sexuality and quit pretending that naked humans somehow become not sexual when we take off our clothes. That's just silly.

    • According to you Mr. Bob, but sexuality is one thing and pornography is another … and people confuse naturism with pornography … the naked body associates it with pornography and there is the record error …

    • As a nudist/naturist i feel it is possible to be naked in a group with out thinking about sex. Ween were faced with "nudists having sex on a beach " true nudists know this has nothing to do with naturism but this sort of thing reflects on us becouse of the use of the word naturist /nudist

  7. Unfortunately for us the wrong minds have us there … the naked body have always been linked to pornography and we are naturists verdadesor we must see to it that it is not so with campaigns and events …

  8. The problem with internet searches is a lot of porn content is advertising itself as naturist i.e. owners of porn sites deliberately include the keyword 'naturist' for searches in order to get more hits. It's possible to report a search result to google directly from a search results listing, if enough people did this I'm sure the problem would be reduced or eliminated.

  9. Because society equals nudity to sex, and of course porn equals sex. Therefore logically nudity equals porn… the day nudity equals naturism and only naturism, you will not have porn results when looking for naturism topics…

  10. To get any results worth having you have to search with 'Safe Search' turned off, proving that the search providers consider Naturism 'unsafe' and in the same category as porn, so they are complicit in this deception. This is why I no longer search for Naturism online and just stick to this site – my campaigning days are over…

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