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Hello. I have a question.
at what point do you think Naturism, Sensualism,Sexualism(as in heiros gamos) M/s, and ancient cultures views on those subjects cross or meet or come together. Maybe overlap would be more accurate.
The ancient cultures i am most familiar with are Ancient Egyptian Beliefs, First Temple , and the non-orthodox beliefs of the era of
325 ad to present.

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  1. sure heiros gamos is the sacred marraige. an ancient sex ritual . it has been described as sex as prayer. the belief was and when practiced today is that a Man can only see God at the point of orgasm. that is the only time a man is totally free of thought. The Female was always worshipped and percieved as the representative of the Goddess. They were worshipped because only a woman could create life/ give birth.

  2. Now that I have gotten the chores out of the way for the day I will try to tackle the M/s side of this.

    There is usually an aspect of nudity to this. Not always.

    BDSM is an umbrella term generally defined as Bondage, Disipline, Sadism and Masochism.

    I will speak from the male point of view as I am male. The terms i use are usually not gender specific, that comes in the individual relationship. Often for lack of a better term contracts are drawn up between the parties. They can be simple agreements to very specific documents that outline what each party can expect and what is expected of them.

    In my case when we are considering a new Submissive we sit down usually over a meal , and discuss what each wants to see happen. Things like goals long and short term. one that comes up alot is how they can be better in all aspects of their life.

    It can run from things like quit being lazy, quit procrastinating, and finish things i start to to getting past bad experiences in their past.

    other relationships can be as simple as the submissive partner having a job or profession that requires them to be in control and make decisions all day and when they come home they want to let someone else make the decisions.

    thats a nut shell picture. If you have specific questions ask and i will do my best to answer

  3. Now let me try to tackle the Heiros Gamos. Also called the Great Rite and The Great Work. This is one of those things that means different things to different people. The wiki definition is ok as far as it goes. As it says it can be either symbolical or involve actual intercourse.

    I do not agree with their definition as Holy Marraige but thats probably just semantics. To me it is Sacred Marraige.

    As they said , in one use of it The Male and Female represent The God and Goddess. Which God and Goddess depends on the people celebrating the rite. What it symbolizes is the joining of the male and female energies,balance. This balance was also present in judism
    up thru the first temple era.

    To say it is a "sex rite" is not accurate. It is a rite that includes sex . Symbolic or actual or both. In the Wiccan rituals we have been involved in the High Priest and High Priestess perform the symbolic rite in circle. the actual takes place in private. I should mention our HP and HPS are married, and they have been the only officiants at the rituals we have attended.

    In other beliefs as I mentioned it was also used to bring the man closer to the Dieties.

    Richard, there is a pretty good description in the book the davinci code. there are a few scenes in the movie as well that make more sense after reading the book.

    There was an extremely bad depiction in the movie eyes wide shut. in that one it was depicted as a straight out sex rite/orgie for the pleasure of the men involved. Drugs and alchohol were also in liberal use which they are not in the actual rites. leave it to hollyweird.

    back in a bit to try to tackle the M/s

  4. Good Morning Tonia, I have been sitting here for about an hour trying to figure out where to start. The connection or maybe overlap that I see is not a surface or physical one, it is on the spiritual level.

    (please forgive me if i get a bit verbose at times.)
    I will leave the M/s aspect for a while as it can get quite involved.

    Now onward. The thing I see that connects all of these things is a mind set or maybe welterstang orunderlying philosophy maybe. Its one of those intangibles that is hard to put a lable on if you will.

    As has been mentioned there is an element of nudity or naturism in all of them , but i think the external is incidental to the spiritual aspect.

    I disagree with most that there is no sexual or sensual aspect to Naturism. The difference between Natureism and say the textile society is this, Naturism like the ancients just accepts it as a part of the natural way of things and doesnt belabor the point. The Textile society , probably because of the Roman and Puritan influences has made it something to hide, to be ashamed of etc etc.

    From the 4th century the Roman Church decided that the human body had to be covered up because it was indecent.
    Probably from about WWII society decided that if a man didnt look like Clark Gable or Errol Flynn they werent "handsome or good looking". And for women it was the pinup girls they had to be compared to.

    What was inside was no longer relevent.

  5. Hi Don, maybe you could state your view to give us a point from which to start a discussion.
    I personally do not see a connection between your examples and modern naturism beyond the fact that all incorporate some element of nudity but I have not really studied the Ancients in any detail so am happy to be enlightened.

    This does sound like an interesting topic to discuss once we scratch beneath the surface a little.

  6. I have not come across Herios Gamos before but am very interested by the ideas and history especially in the context of the novel I am writing in which male fertility has declined to the extent that only a very small minority of males are fertile.
    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Here is a link to the wikipedia entry http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hieros_gamos
    As far as the link between Naturism and Herios Gamos is concerned this seems to me be there under the surface but strongly denied by most naturists.

  7. M/s is a part of the bdsm lifestyle. It stands for Master/slave. What it entails is different to each person couple involved. It is one of those things that you can ask 100 people involved and get 100 totally different answers.

  8. Heiros Gamos is a ritual used in many beliefs. From Ancient times to the present, it was even mentioned in the davinci code. Most Beliefs that believe in the sacred feminine or Goddess Worship if you will believe that the Man can only see The God Thru the Female and then only at the point of orgasm. At that exact instant is the only time there is no thought to interfer and only for an instant.

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