Aches & Sun?

Sadly as I enter my 62nd year I find I suffer more with pain from my crumbling bones, a medical fact not an feeling. I have had various tests, x-rays, scans, probes etc etc and now I pop pain killer pills by the number every day. I know that doctors do whatever they can for me, my wife is a perfect nurse & companion. I have the attention of 2 women who come to my home solely to make sure I have a thorough shower! So there are benefits! The reason I write this blog though is to open up a discussion on the effects (or non-effects) of the sun & heat on a collection of aches & pains. All too often we hear people say that a time outside in the sun & heat helps stop the pain, it makes them feel better, it calms down the flare-ups of debilitating agonies. I question this conception, does it actually do any real good to put my weary body out there in the sun, or is it just a "feel good factor"? Yes I know I enjoy the sun on my naked torso, though many look away when my aged & hairy flesh is exposed, but are there any real quality health benefits?

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  1. Thank you Jason & Daniel. I enjoy naked time as much as possible in my daily life, (getting a variety of reactions from visitors) I make as much use as possible of outdoor time as I can. Natural herbal remedies etc are often suggested to me, as are many 'alternative' therapies. I consider all of them, to varying degree's.

  2. I could not agree more about being in the sun. I also feel 10 times better once l have been in the sun, and yes naked of course, especially if it has been the beach ! the fresh air down there is so invigorating and so good for your soul as well as your body. If l have been on the beach or indeed the garden for a few hours, apart from tanning myself feel heaps better and any aches and pains DO go ! fantastic !

    • I hope you avoid the night shade family that aggravates two of those. Have you tried tapping for the osteosporosis? This site has a good search bar to check the inflammatory factor of foods,

  3. Sometimes the "feel good factor" can help you through the day. Just as we'll take aspirin to help with the discomfort from arthritis, knowing the relief is only temporary. Letting your skin breathe without the restriction of clothing may not heal your ills, but it does have its benefits. Don't worry about those who "turn away"; they obviously have hang-ups beyond your control and you really don't need to care. Just saying…

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