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I occasionally read an advice column, dear prudence, on and recently came across a question that was nudist related and I thought I mention it here to discuss varying opinions. I apologize that I do not have the direct link as I can not find it in their archives.

Background: If I recall correctly, the writer is a mother of a 6 year old boy. The parents of the boy sends their son to his paternal grandparents' home in the summer to spend few weeks with them. On a recent trip, the son told his mother that his grandpa sleeps naked and he sometimes goes in and sleeps in his grandparents' bed. The mother asked if any abuse occurred and her son said no. When the mother told the father, he already knew his father slept nude as he grew up seeing his father nude. In addition, he was not upset by his son sometimes sleeping in the same bed as his grandparents, even if his father is nude. The mom apparently is very upset by the behavior and is now considering not sending her son to his grandparents' home during the summer.

The advice columnist response was that since the boy told the mom that abuse has never occurred and he doesn't appear to be bothered by his grandfather's nudity, there should be no issues. Essentially telling the mom that she is overreacting.

What do you guys think?

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  1. From What I know/heard/read/ peoples abusing child are not used to be 'public nudist' being known as being all the time naked at home sleeping naked all the time.. They will probably hide and no show or tell they are used to be naked , all the time, who ever is around naturally…


    A little correction on your description of the situation: 'He and his grandfather sleep in the same room on separate beds because they have similar sleeping schedules'. No sleeping in grandpa's bed.

    Missing in Prudence's reaction: the mother could have a talk with her father in law about the naked sleeping. Just to hear from grandpa what is going on and to have this kind of secrets out of the way. And maybe try naked sleeping herself 🙂

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