Soulmate Sister Eternally

When my sister got married, more than 45 years ago, it was a beautiful & emotional event of course, but for that one time only I had to take my late dads place! I walked with her down the aisle as proud as my dad would have been. I held her arm & watched her face glowing, our mother sat waiting with tears in her eyes feeling that crazy mix of happiness & sadness combined. Lorraine's husband to be was there as her waiting guide, I took her carefully to his side. On that short walk and in the hour before, we both knew how close our little family is, the bond between us was never going to break, the unit we had grown with was there for eternity. When she and her husband walked back down that aisle she was positively glowing, stunning & radiant it's true but that smiling wink that came to me meant one thing, our family was now stronger still.
Over the next years her happiness grew along with her husband Keith's. Two lovely children followed with 3 years between them, but they were soon to make that same family tie that their mum & I knew. When they came to visit at my family home, they truly worshipped 'Grandma' & Uncle Pat, they felt relaxed, completely contented & totally free. The family naturism was soon evidently passed along, they took off clothes much easier & quicker than putting them on. From realising that they too liked the freedom that their mum, Uncle Pat & grandma enjoyed they were free too! Over many years the glow of love blossomed and we all shared many adventures, treats & tragedies. There came a moment in time that I shall never, ever, forget for my lifetime. A phone message that not only stopped my heart it stopped the world I knew. My soulmate sister had taken a tragic fall down concrete stairs, she lay in hospital attached to a life-support machine! It felt like only minutes it took to get to her bedside, my head & my heart knew nothing of time, nothing of restrictions or 'protocol' within the hospital, I simply moved urgency that no-one could derail.
I sat and looked at her massively swollen head & face, her eyes almost swollen over but they held her tears. The neuro surgeon spoke to me, he showed me x-ray images of her head, totally swamped with blood. I then knew I had a crucial decision to make. Her life-support machine was indeed keeping her breathing and alive, but it was pointless, so I was asked if they could turn off the machine and let nature take it's course.
I knew Lorraine could not survive, not as a mother, not as a wife, not as a daughter or as a sister. Most of all she could not live as herself dignified but free & real. As I kissed her I told her, my heart beats & you live, forever you stay & your life is good. Sleep my sister & wait for us to come too, your spirit stays with us always. Then I gave the motion to turn off the machine, her husband Keith stood motionless, destroyed & broken, his entire body seemed drained of emotion & strength. I kissed her cheek, I said farewell, I walked away. I had a very important job to do, her children & our mother needed to be told. I walked into 'grandmas' house and saw there hopeful faces looking up to me, my heart raced, I saw our mother already consumed with devastating sadness, I felt Lorraine's spirit was with me, I had to kneel with those two beautiful people.
A season of life was over, but another began, I will forever love & know my sister Lorraine, I will forever love life, I will forever love her children, they know what family bonded love is. Unbreakable, Undeniable & Eternal.

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