First time nude in public

My works Xmas do was in Birmingham last Saturday. Typically leaving it too late to book somewhere, I searched the web and saw the Cover Spa was available. I was going to go last year, but didn't.

I spoke with my hubby about it, and he was OK with me going there this year.
I booked online. Hubby advised me to inform them about my disability.
I have a colostomy bag, with a large hernia around it. I rang the Spa a week before and they said it wouldn't be an issue.

Saturday came, and I had a very bad nights kip beforehand, just two hours sleep. I foregone driving – and got a combination of train and taxi to get there.

I checked in, was shown my room – the luxurious suite- and indeed it was. I was given a brief tour of the facilities. I went back to my room, got naked (as I always do in a hotel room!), I paused, grabbed a dressing gown and my entry card.

I went downstairs. I undid my gown, but left it on. Got myself a whisky and coke, and relaxed in the lounge. I realised I need to put on towel on anything I sat on, and corrected that mistake. I got a coke and relaxed. A couple came into the lounge, and I read the ingredients of the coke can, perhaps feeling a little awkard.

I propped up to the bar area, and got some food. A fellow gentleman nudist – as hirsuite as me, sat next to me and we got chatting. We spoke about the nudists areas in the UK he had visited, and his relationships nude, he was openly bisexual.

I said farewell, and investigated the facilities. I showered, tried the steam room, sauna, and when it was free, the hot tub outdoors. That was weird, almost primal – a hot tub but it was lightly raining. A weird, yet plesent sensation.

Time for the works do, I got dressed and got a taxi into town. The do itself was dull, I was feeling antisocial and there was no atmosphere to the place. Lots of people asked where I was stopping, espically as there were hotel spaces at the works do. I muttered somewhere in Erdington, deliberately leaving (and in one case, lying about forgetting out) the name of the spa.

I returned, got undressed wearing a gown, and went downstairs. After getting myself more alcohol. There was someone else in the lounge, on a tablet, seeminglly watching football. I used the steam room and sauna once again and retired for the night.

Morning came around, and always, always whenever I drink and stay in a hotel, I wake up before they start serving breakfast. I was an hour early. I occupied myself until they started serving and went downstairs.
I ordered breakfast and sat on the table nearest the window.

Something strange happened then. I took my gown off and put it on the chair. Slightly hungover, hungry, naked, a slight cold breeze over my body (an open window), I felt a weird, perhaps primal sensation over me.

I was naked, and felt truly vulnerable. A slight panic. I shivered. I hesitated. My heart raced. The staff were all clothed. An urge to put the dressing gown came into my mind, however I resisted. I poured the tea.

A member of staff came over with my cooked breakfast. I pondered for a moment how odd it must be for her to see me naked there. She clearly thought nothing of it. Still pondering, I then smelt the breakfast and all I could think of my tucking into my food.

I went upstairs and packed away and got dressed. I paused. I paid for a late leave, so left my suitcase at reception and gladly got naked again to use the facilities. I had opportunity to use the outdoor hot tub again, and chatted to a chap about his travels in Europe nude.

I left the spa. I phoned the hubby and told him I would be coming again, and he would be joining me. He agreed. I got the taxi home, feeling chilled.

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  1. Thanks for this blog post. This is a very encouraging article. Some time ago, I was talking to a lady about naturism and she said there was no way she could be a naturist because of a major surgery she had some years ago for breast cancer. I told her that naturists are people who really don't care about scars and whatnots.

    • I used to know a very nice woman who had both breasts removed as a cancer prevention move, her mother died of breast cancer & her older sister had been diagnosed with cancer in one breast.
      The woman I knew was always totally naked at all events we went to, even a "New Years Eve" party at a clothes optional place. Around 75% got naked & only a few stayed dressed. She had a remarkable personality & a beautiful general outlook on her life.

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