Cheeky Mr Patrick

In the past couple of weeks I have relied a little more on 'carers', they come into our home and help give me shower, prepare meals or any other household task. I am already partially disabled due to a progressive degenerative skeletal condition. My wife is my absolute perfect partner & twin soul, without her I could not exist. She too is not in good health but she has determination way beyond her small stature. The carer has mainly been called in due to my own 'clumsy' and 'cumbersome' ways of getting around the place. In recent times I have fallen and bruised myself quite heavily, I have fallen again and broken a finger! I have dropped a pan full of milk which was supposed to be going onto a cooker! (instead it landed all over a worktop & cupboard doors!)
The carer who regularly comes in is Canda a Nigerian absolute wonder! No task is too much trouble for her & no time is counted before she ends her shift in our home. She only asks before she leaves each time "Are you fine Mr Patrick?". With her very valued help & the love of my honey wife I am blessed. Canda has a playful smile and an infectious laughter that reminds me of child-like innocence, she washes & dries me with such care & great humour. She now understands that I have no need for clothing in my home & she realises that any person coming into our home accepts nudity. Canda used to say "Cheeky Mr Patrick" when I invited our neighbour Janet in for coffee, now she often says "Happy Mr Patrick I make coffee's you can sit with your friend."
My illness may cause issues & some difficulties, but that is not important. My lovely life is just as good as I could expect and as good as I need. My wife Rosemarie makes certain I am happy. I hope everyone finds such happiness without seeking true perfection, life is what you make it & what you accept.

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  1. Glad you have two thoughtful caregivers! Just curious if your doctor has addressed the falling issues? Not to be prying but some meds cause dizziness, and often there are substitutes with less side effects or meds to alleviate the side effects. Even durable medical equipment such as a walker can allow freedom of movement while providing stability. I had a grandma and my parents struggle with balance/dizzy issues. No fun and often a real danger!

    • I appreciate your comments Joe, my falling episodes are due to my own clumsiness & misplaced need to try and do two (or more!) tasks at the same time! I know my illness creates mobility problems but sometimes I still try to do things I found much easier just a year or so ago.
      Medication isn't an issue regarding the two falls, my doctor is aware & monitoring things.

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