Top To Toe. . . not juice!

I spent several weeks in hospital in 1989 after a serious operation, apart from being fed by drip feed and being made to lay flat on my back, I had no real complaints. I had insisted right from day 1 that I would remain naked in my bed, after a short verbal battle with a senior nurse and one compromise I got my way. The compromise was that I covered with a bedsheet when visitors came into the unit. I already had my top to toe tan which had raised many conversations with nursing staff & catering staff. Much of the time I lay naked with the bedsheet at my knees and sometimes staff would sit and chat. My mother & my sister were allowed to visit at anytime and it was often better that they came away from other visiting times, so that my friends could get in. Of course my family never worried about me being uncovered,even my 8 year old niece sat reading her book instead of paying any attention to me.
On the first day I was actually allowed to get out of bed to sit in a chair I had agreed to wearing my dressing gown and a trainee nurse tried many ways to put my gown onto me, difficult because I had drip feeds into each arm. She realised she was not really going to succeed, so eventually I sat on the chair and the gown was wrapped around me. I sat unattended quite happily for over an hour when the 'visiting bell' sounded. Unusually my expected friends failed to arrive, I felt great being out of bed but my pals weren't there! Then a woman arrived to see the man in the next bed to me, a very pleasant woman about 15 years older than myself. She kissed her husband then turned to chat to me, very nice I accept but she wasn't paying attention to him. After about 20 minutes she got up and offered to get me some juice from my locker, then as I was taking a drink she suddenly said "Watch you don't spill onto your gown" then she whipped my gown off me! For a moment she stood silent, then she gathered her speaking voice and said "What a lovely tan, every where, I have never seen those tanned!" pointing at my genitals. Just then my auntie arrived with another young niece, they both leant over to kiss me & the woman stood in open mouthed amazement. My aunt reclaimed my gown and then calmly both my niece & my aunt helped me back into bed.
When the nurse arrived I was covered and quite 'respectable' for her. I thought that as the neighbour woman had sat down again I had escaped the incident being related to the nurse. Then my 12 year old niece told her, "We helped uncle Patrick back into bed, that lady wasn't helping but she is very kind!" That moment watching the faces and very different expressions of four females was to say the least interesting.

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  1. I've not really been admitted into hospital before but about a month ago, I was in hospital for my colonoscopy. It was a day procedure so I didn't have to stay there. But I had to wear the patient's gown and I was put in bed. I don't know how it's like in other hospitals but in my country, the air-conditioning in hospitals are usually set so that it's very cold. There's no way I would have gone naked. Not that I would have dreamed of doing that even if it were warmer. The police would be called in if a patient refuses to be covered. And it would be a serious criminal case. It's good that you live in a freer society. 🙂

      • Thanks. I'm quite happy. I see only the positive side of anything. My country has strict laws but the good thing is it's very safe. A woman can go jogging ANYWHERE in this country at 3am and she doesn't have to fear anything or anyone. I honestly cannot remember when I last read in the papers of anyone who was shot and murdered in this country. When we read of tragic cases of mass shootings, they seem unreal to us. It's only something we see in the movies. As far as security goes, it's second to none. But it's a rotten place for naturism. A couple was prosecuted for being naked in their kitchen in their flat because someone from another flat could see them through their window. I'm lucky because my garden is very private and I can be naked outdoors but only within my compound.

  2. Hospitals are always full of funny, more or less awkward stories. It's sad that some visitors come out of obligation but pay little attention to their family member who is the patient. While it isn't surprising she spoke to you, or offered to get you juice, it seems interesting that she (a stranger prior to the start of the conversation) would attempt to adjust your gown without specifically being asked… but that would have been very funny to see, and to see her subsequent reaction! 😉

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